No Animals Were Harmed

I can’t believe how many people are defending Cuties. We are used to warnings of “no animals were harmed in the creation of this movie” and we all think it’s a good thing that animals aren’t harmed.

And here actual live children – because the actresses aren’t robots, they are little kids – were harmed for months under the excuse of making some utterly inane point. And still people are curling their lips at the “right-wing freakout” over the exploitation and child abuse.

What’s really shocking is how many women are defending this. To them, it’s not OK to subject a grown actress to a sexual experience she doesn’t welcome in private but it’s perfectly fine publicly to do that to children who aren’t capable of consenting.

But hey, no animals were harmed in the filming of Cuties. What a relief.

Neat Trick

When grown-WAP women prostitute their grown WAPs for movie parts, it’s a huge scandal, there are enormous protests, and we are all tortured for years by somber proclamations about “the #MeToo era.”

But when 11-year-old girls are sexually exploited in diseased ways, nobody cares because some pedo WAP wailed how she’s a woke WOC WAP and we all immediately realized that pedophilia is super cool.