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By any measure, Trump’s foreign policy achievements are immense. No new wars, withdrawal of troops, historic peace deals between OAE and Israel, Bahrein and Israel, Serbia and Kosovo. Is Kuwait next? OMG, I can’t even.

Even Obama’s admirers will agree that his foreign policy was a disaster. Of course, it looked better than the absolutely horrid actions of his predecessor but now that we have Trump’s truly amazing foreign policy team, one has got to ask what prevented Obama from finding a few advisers who wouldn’t be deranged war hawks and bumbling idiots.

What’s funny, though, is that people confuse outward appearances of individuals with policy. Obama looked cool and paid lip service to unity, so nobody pays attention to the destruction of whole countries that he’s personally responsible for. Trump sends mean tweets, so nobody notices that he’s the most peacenik, non-aggressive, “peace, love, bubble gum” president we’ve had in decades.

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  1. An article on an Israeli site said Bahrein is not important by itself but for the possibility of leading to a peace deal with Saudi Arabia. Do you think the chances of seeing the deal with SA will fall off the cliff if Biden wins? Will he stop suporting Israel the way Trump’s team does and instead turn to the failed, pointless policy of “no concessions to Israel till a peace deal with Palestinians”?

    I am a 100% Bernie-style Democrat in US terms, but am afraid of all Muslim minorities, who naturally ‘love’ Israel as much as their former compatriots, flocking to the Democratic party.


    1. I don’t think you need my answer to these questions. We all know the answer. Biden is not a newbie in politics. He’s been in office longer than I’ve been alive. I think we know enough to figure this out. He’s openly promising more war in Syria. That’s what he cares about in the region.


      1. // We all know the answer.

        Actually, I don’t. Except your blog and a few ‘Tuckers’, I don’t follow US politics closely.

        Heard Biden said once a few general words on supporting Israel, but who are ‘his people’ in government? Will they simply ignore Israel, be (perceived as) hostile as Obama has been or worse?

        You say he cares about Syria, but what about me? 🙂


        1. Of course, the crowning achievement would be for Saudi Arabia to accept Israel. I don’t think it’s impossible. It would isolate Iran, it would be great. It will take time and the amazing team that’s working on getting Arabs to accept Israel to keep working.


  2. I blame the social media. The short format is perfect to get the emotional attention, but it’s lousy if you want to build an argument. The brevity made people lazy and misinformed and Trump is on the receiving end of that.


  3. KEVIN D. WILLIAMSON called the deal with Bahrain “A Triumph of Greed over Hatred,” adding that “By way of comparison, the Palestinian leadership is financially choking its own people out in a fit of pique. One of these ways of living in the world has a future, and one of them does not.”

    I checked what is PA doing and found out that Mahmoud Abbas refused “to accept taxes collected by Israel that account for more than 60 percent of the authority’s budget” because of the plan “to annex large swaths of the West Bank.”

    Israel suspended the annexation plan to reach a peace agreement with UAE but since Netanyahu won’t (and politically cannot) declare it cancelled perpetually, Abbas refuses to take the money till Israel gives him some victory he can present to Palestinians.

    My favorite is the last sentence in the last quoted paragraph – Palestinian tactics in a nutshell.


    … some Palestinian officials privately say is more an attempt to save face than to force further changes in Israeli policy.

    So while Mr. Abbas looks for some kind of gesture from Israel that he can hold up as a victory, and Israel refuses to commit to dropping annexation permanently, salaries in the territory are not being paid, families are enduring hardships, and the Palestinian Authority is careering toward bankruptcy.

    Rejecting the financial transfers from Israel meant forgoing more than $100 million a month in import taxes that Israel collects on the Palestinians’ behalf. It was one of the more drastic elements of a desperate strategy by Mr. Abbas to try to block annexation by cutting off all forms of coordination with Israel.

    Diplomats who have met with him say that Mr. Abbas is intent on extracting some new concessions from Israel with which to assure the Palestinian public that his rejection of the money, and their summer-long hardship, were not all in vain.

    Mr. Abbas’s office and several of his most senior aides all declined to comment.

    When the British foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, encouraged Mr. Abbas to take the money in a meeting in Ramallah last week, Mr. Abbas responded, “In return for what?” according to a person familiar with details of the exchange.

    In the meantime, however, Palestinian experts are warning that Mr. Abbas’s administration could soon go broke.

    The Palestinian Authority has survived without the tax transfers for stretches of several months in the past, but doing so while a pandemic was battering its economy has made the situation even more precarious, Mr. Khalidi said.

    The European Union, the United Nations, Britain and several Arab countries have all urged the Palestinian Authority to resume accepting the transfers from Israel, according to officials briefed on the talks.

    Mr. Abbas told a group of Palestinian officials last week that he remained opposed to accepting the tax money under the decades-old economic agreements with Israel that governed those transfers. That opened the door to accepting the money on new terms. But he did not propose any.


  4. ” Trump’s foreign policy achievements are immense”

    Simply by not starting/escalating any wars he’s the best president in terms of foreign policy since……

    A vote for Biden is a vote for endless wars and institutionalized racial hostilities and the complete and utter destruction of local businesses.

    A vote for Trump is a vote for… not much different domestically (though at least without the rabid hatred that the democrats have for small businesses) but maybe a small de-escalation of the neocon war machine.

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