Global Oligarchy and Its Lackeys

The corona-panic is created and stoked by the global oligarchy. In each individual country, the political forces that are funded and controlled by this oligarchy are instituting lockdowns and terrorizing the population with “case counts,” “positivity rates,” etc. For people who are willing to admit new information and leave aside outdated tropes, now is the perfect moment to notice which political forces are owned by the global oligarchy.

If it weren’t for COVID, there would be another “global threat” that would keep us all locked inside and tightly controlled. If you need an example of what that could be, look at California. Look at BLM.

Whoever pays for these narratives is a representative of the global oligarchy. Whoever supports them with political measures represents the political lackeys of the oligarchy.

12 thoughts on “Global Oligarchy and Its Lackeys”

  1. Very interesting post. What do you think the global oligarchy has to gain by keeping us inside though? Is it that we are now glued to our screens and clicking on their ads and buying their products more? Is it something more sinister? What is the end-game here?


        1. Us running around supports small businesses. Us staying home supports big monopoly businesses like Google Apple and Amazon.


        2. Walmart never closed. Lowe’s, Best Buy – completely open, zero restrictions. Local Starbucks had lines 30 cars deep all day long. The lines went down to 4-5 cars after everything reopened. Now it’s mostly shut down again, the lines are about 10-15 cars deep.


        3. What is money to a billionaire? Once you have that much, it’s meaningless. Time to move on to other things, like grooming the world into a perfect little Eden for the enjoyment of you and your rich friends. Like a worldwide HOA.


    1. We are being disciplined and scared out of our wits so that we hand over our power – limited as it might be – to them. The old-style liberal democracies are being dismantled. The nation-state mode of governance is being taken away. We are less likely to notice if we are afraid of setting foot outside.

      Plus, of course, there’s all the profit. How much of the stimulus checks ended up in the possession of the digital giants? It’s a money transfer from taxpayers to Amazon and Co.


      1. Our Trumpbucks went to the plumber!

        Weirdly, the covid craziness has made me think hard about Walmart and Amazon, and we’ve been feeling out alternates for both. More and more, they give me the feeling of being corralled. It puts my hackles up.


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