Proud of Montreal

Apparently, almost 100,000 people marched in Montreal today to protest against COVID-insanity.

Proud of you, Montrealers!

If anybody doubted that the francophone culture is a very different culture, here’s all the proof you need.

It’s so beautiful to see a crowd gathering for a worthwhile cause.

♥️❤️💗💖💝💞💓💞 Montreal!

10 thoughts on “Proud of Montreal”

  1. Ummm… While I completely agree that society should try to get back to as close as possible to normal while protecting the vulnerable, I’m OK with universal masking for the time being.

    Mask-wearing in Japan and South Korea has been near universal since February/March and their rate of serious cases has been astonishingly lower than any western country.

    This story from The Telegraph yesterday presents an intriguing hypothesis that might account for Japan and South Korea’s very low rates of death and otherwise serious cases. To summarize, it discusses the theory that masking prevents the transmission of high viral loads of COVID droplets but instead allows the release of very low loads which has the result of promoting the development of very mild or asymptomatic cases thereby building significant levels of immunity in the wider society similar to the effects of a mass immunization. This would prove to be great news if it turns out to be true. And, if it turns out to be false, I can’t see the harm in wearing masks for now.


    1. I heard the same thing (about masks reducing the viral load that their users could be exposed to) on the evening news several weeks ago.


    1. Can’t answer you directly but there has been a survey that indicates that Quebec francophones are significantly less worried about COVID than anglophones. Quebec Premier Legault put this down to anglophones watching too much CNN (!!!) and local fear-mongering by the Montreal anglophone press. This provoked a huge outcry from the offended media parties who denied that anything of the sort could be the case. Links to the original stories in English on Legault and CNN appear to have been scrubbed from search engines although the subsequent denials/refutations of his obviously ‘completely-wrong, irresponsible, inflammatory, scrub-your-mouth-out-with soap’ remarks are still available.

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      1. ” Quebec francophones are significantly less worried about COVID than anglophones”

        This fits my (mostly anecdotal) evidence in Europe where the British and Irish are far more cautious and/or fearful about covid than anyone else. And the Australian and New Zealand governments just totally lost their shit…

        In Poland there is absolutely no tolerance for the idea of another lockdown…. the government started relaxing things because people had had enough by Easter and by the beginning of May were starting to ignore lockdown rules and the government wanted to maintain some kind of pretense that they were leading (and not following).
        Most things are mostly close to back to normal except for people wearing masks in public transport and stores (though my university has mostly chickened out and gone mostly remote for at least the fall/winter semester). But schools are open and mostly that’s going okay… (knock on wood).


      2. I should have thought to search the Quebec French-language press when I realized reports of Legault’s original remarks had been scrubbed from view by the anglo media and/or Google News.

        «Évidemment, les anglophones écoutent plus CNN, écoutent plus les médias américains qui sont très négatifs à l’égard de M. Trump» (“Obviously, English speakers listen to CNN more, listen more to the American media, which are very negative towards Mr. Trump”)

        Scrub-your-mouth-out-with-soap, M. le premier ministre!


  2. Apparently, almost 100,000 people marched in Montreal today to protest against COVID-insanity.
    What happened with your sister’s lawsuit against your nephew’s school’s COVID protocols?


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