Slippery Count

There’s just one little step from this to noticing that a very large percentage of those 80% has something else in common.

Kamala Harris already gushed in praise for open and vicious anti-Semites just days ago.

This isn’t going in a good direction.

Shakespeare Scholars Need Not Apply

Everybody is pissing on U of Chicago for this but it’s actually not a bad idea at all. The job market in English is atrocious. They have no hope in hell of placing their PhD graduates in jobs. Unless the graduates have this new and suddenly extremely prestigious qualification, that is.

The important thing for a graduate program is to place people in jobs. What they do after that will be their own choice. Nobody can force you to do research in any area you don’t want.

A Ukrainian Vacation

My parents are traveling to a mountain resort for a 5-day vacation.

They are bringing home-made chicken pâté, several bowls of kholodets (meat in jelly), Olivier salad, several different kinds of sausage, homemade farmer’s cheese, and a bunch of deserts. I’m sure there’s other stuff that I wasn’t told about.

They are also bringing bay leaf, peppercorns and canning spices because they will be gathering and canning large quantities of mushrooms. My mother has been cooking non-stop for days to prepare for the vacation that will involve a really intense spate of cooking. Kholodets alone takes a shitload of work.

This is how Ukrainians vacation.

My reaction to the story is, “OMG, this is the best vacation ever!”