A Ukrainian Vacation

My parents are traveling to a mountain resort for a 5-day vacation.

They are bringing home-made chicken pâté, several bowls of kholodets (meat in jelly), Olivier salad, several different kinds of sausage, homemade farmer’s cheese, and a bunch of deserts. I’m sure there’s other stuff that I wasn’t told about.

They are also bringing bay leaf, peppercorns and canning spices because they will be gathering and canning large quantities of mushrooms. My mother has been cooking non-stop for days to prepare for the vacation that will involve a really intense spate of cooking. Kholodets alone takes a shitload of work.

This is how Ukrainians vacation.

My reaction to the story is, “OMG, this is the best vacation ever!”

3 thoughts on “A Ukrainian Vacation”

  1. ” how Ukrainians vacation”

    A few years ago I was at a Bulgarian resort and there was a Russian speaking family of about five or six (all tall and thin) who during mealtimes would pile of enough food in the center of their table to feed a small army division and then plow through it with the determination of a troupe of army ants.
    One night in town I stopped in a grocery store for…. liquid refreshment and who did I see but the parents stocking up on loaves of bread and mass amounts of cheese and cold cuts… I thought maybe they were going on an excursion the next day but no…. I’m assuming it was
    I should note that the hotel was all inclusive and there was literally no time from 7.00 am till 12.00 that there wasn’t food available (there was a room with a bar and a small buffet for those pesky hours between meals).
    Going by what you’ve written (and what I’ve noticed in Poland) I’m going to go out on a limb and assume they were Ukrainian…. (a store keeper in town later complained that most of the Russian speakers that year were Ukrainian and Belarusian and not ‘real’ Russians who were ‘the ones with the money’).

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    1. They definitely sound Ukrainian. When my parents travel to visit me, they somehow sneak such amounts of food in their car that you’d think we are experiencing severe food shortages.


  2. Sometimes I will take 3 days off and deep clean the house for 2 of the days and rest on day 3. I feel like this is the most relaxing vacation ever. Picking mushrooms and eating sounds like great vacation to me.


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