Slippery Count

There’s just one little step from this to noticing that a very large percentage of those 80% has something else in common.

Kamala Harris already gushed in praise for open and vicious anti-Semites just days ago.

This isn’t going in a good direction.

24 thoughts on “Slippery Count”

  1. I don’t have NYT subscription so I can’t check, but I would imagine, most of these people are in their 60s or older. We are applying the racial make up of today to a set of humans whose journey to power stated a long time ago, when the Black and Latino/Asian population were much smaller. I can bet that in 50 years the make up of people in power will be completely different and mainly just because the make up of the population is different.

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  2. “There’s just one little step from this to noticing…”

    Exactly right. And, also please notice how this is a complete distraction from any meaningful discussion of changes in the historical share of income and wealth distribution in society as a whole irrespective of skin colour.

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    1. I can’t imagine how an obsessive fixation on race can make a society less racist. I think this is a gigantic mistake that is being made and that’s going to lead us to very very bad places.


      1. “I can’t imagine how an obsessive fixation on race can make a society less racist”

        What makes you think that those obsessively fixated on race (and those supporting them financially) want a less racist society?
        If you assume that the oligarchs want more racial division and interracial hostility then it makes a lot more sense.


      2. —I can’t imagine how an obsessive fixation on race…

        Look, this type of argument works in all possible ways, some of which you may not like. For instance, one could argue that fixation on anti-Semitism cannot possibly make any society less anti-Semitic… (and then add that it all makes more sense if the goal is not to make society less anti-Semitic, but to censor certain opinions)

        Avi, as far as I understand, Jewish people are not considered POC in the US, both officially and according to public opinion. At least those who are not visibly religious… But then those visibly religious folks are unlikely to be particularly wealthy or in positions of power. Thus, I do not think Jewish quotas would emerge any sooner than, for example, Irish quotas, or Italian quotas, or Polish quotas…


        1. If there were articles on how there’s not enough Jews in X fields or positions, I’d be just as upset for the same reason.

          We have a vice-presidential candidate on a ticket that is currently winning who gushes with delight over meeting an openly and viciously anti-Semitic family. This is normalization of things that formerly existed on the margins. If Mike Pence met with Aryan nation members and commented that these are wonderful people, we’d all very correctly scream to the skies about it.


        2. “I do not think Jewish quotas would emerge any sooner than, for example…”

          quotas on Asians for admission to top ranking US universities??

          How very naive.

          Does anyone really believe that someone’s skin colour determines one’s chances to become filthy rich? If so, they could do us all a big favour by describing in some detail exactly this connection works as I’m guessing it’s not actually posted in the NYT story. If it’s the mysteriously lacking-in-detail-or-precision blather about “systemic racism,” then why do only an infinitesimally tiny minority of “whites” know the secret? What completely nonsensical nonsense.


        3. “Jewish people are not considered POC in the US, both officially and…”

          So this comment has been nagging at me since yesterday – who or what “officially” decides which “races” are which in the U.S.A.? Is there a straight-up DNA test like we do with dog breeds? Is there a government office somewhere that strictly enforces a “one drop rule” or are they going with the far more liberal Nazi mischling test (of the first or second degree). Perhaps bureaucrats rely on some kind of “pencil test” as they did in apartheid South Africa to determine who was African and who was coloured??


          1. GSW, on “official” races.
            I used to live in the US as a postdoc for five years, and in my search for faculty position I applied to many jobs. As early as in 2004 and 2005 many US universities were collecting demographic data on applicants. There was no separate category for Jewish people in any of those surveys. So I assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that Jewish people belong to either “Caucasian” (majority) or “other”. No offense to Jewish Pacific Islanders…


            1. “There was no separate category for Jewish people in any of those surveys.”

              Well, that’s certainly “official” enough for me. Who knew that University teaching position application forms were the authoritative ‘Who’s Who’ of contemporary race-thinking?


        4. I didn’t make myself clear, sorry. By “Jewish quotas” I was referring to the anti-Semitic system once prevalent in some European countries before WW2 such as Poland, Hungary and Lithuania, which had a quota system for Jewish students admitted to university, in order to keep their numbers low. A similar system was in force, albeit informally, at some Ivy League colleges in the US even prior to WW1.

          I know very well that Jewish people are not consider POC in the US, but the trend I’m foreseeing goes exactly in the opposite direction: a time when the number of students of a certain ethnicity will be limited by political/administrative fiat. In any case a Yemeni Jew or an Ethiopian Jew look black to me, as do many of those from North Africa. Perhaps in the US people have less experience with the more exotic Jew of the world and immediately conflate Jewish identity and appearance with the stereotypical image of Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe. Jews come in all shapes and form (and colours), there are even Chinese Jews who are indistinguishable from their non-Jewish Han compatriots.

          Anyway, if you will excuse my mouth, but writing from Europe I think you in the US (and Britain is fast moving in the same direction, thank God it has gotten out of the EU) are bat-shit crazy about all this racial stuff. I still hope it won’t get to this stage here in Europe: I and most Europeans care eff all about the colour of a person’s skin, and that’s as it should be. If you are a national of a European country you are not Black this or White that, you are just European.

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          1. Avi, I did understand your remark about quotas correctly. I am well aware that this problem existed both in Europe and in North America. In fact one of the reasons why my current university was founded is because another university in the same city, posh and famous one, used to have Jewish quotas.

            I also agree that this whole situation around racism in the US is batshit crazy. (We are doing much better in Canada, my university issued exactly one formal statement in support of BLM; I know only two people who include pronouns in their signatures, etc).

            I am also born in one of Eastern European countries and spent some time in several Western European countries, so I know for a fact that “if you are a national of a European country you are not Black this or White that, you are just European.” is something to aspire to, but not a reality.


            1. “We are doing much better in Canada…”

              Complete wishful thinking – not buying it at all. Canadians have historically imagined themselves morally superior to the quarrelsome and violent republicans to our south but it’s mostly self-congratulatory hooey.



              1. So something race-related happened in Canada on September 9th and 10th… And I have not even heard about it. While, as university employee, I was definitely supposed to not only know about it, but enthusiastically participate. 🙂


            2. Valter07,
              I admit I should not have conflated the reality of Western Europe with that of Eastern European countries, still it has to be borne in mind that, once again, apart from the UK, countries such as Spain, Italy, Germany or the Netherlands do not keep statistical data on the racial origin or the ethnicity of their citizens. Please let me stress the term citizens.

              In Italy the bureau of national statistics produces data on the number of citizens, the number of non-citizens (including their country of origin) and the number of naturalised citizens year-on-year, meaning that the following year the latter will be counted within the group of native-born citizens. This means that in order to find out the percentage of naturalised aliens as a whole in the country one can only look at the number of overseas-born citizens, which is only partly reliable as it includes native citizens born abroad.

              In France it is illegal to identify race, ethnicity or religion of the population in official statistics.
              Are you suggesting that in Eastern European countries governments keep data on the racial make-up of their citizenry ? I would like to know more as I am not familiar with such data.

              All this, of course, in stark contrast with the US, where one can easily get precise figures on racial origin, ethnicity, country of origin and so on, down to the minutest detail, including some to me baffling information as to the percentage of Pacific Islanders (0.02%). I’ll repeat it, who the eff cares ? In Europe, we don’t.


              1. Avi, I do not know if Eastern European countries somehow collect information on race specifically. Until recently my original country did not have any black people, for example, so it would not occur to anybody to have the line in any forms for that type information. But I know that place of one’s birth is encoded into our national ID number (analog of SIN/SSN). Curiously, I could only find this openly admitted in [my country’s language], not in English.


          2. “A similar system was in force, albeit informally, at some Ivy League colleges in the US even prior to WW1.”

            And in Canada as well, most infamously at McGill University.

            “I think you in the US… are bat-shit crazy about all this racial stuff.”

            Unfortunately, that’s radically understating the case.

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  3. “This isn’t going in a good direction”

    No it’s not. But modern progressives are stuck decades in the past. They can’t admit that there was tremendous progress in race relations until sometime in the second Obama administration and so they have to double down and exaggerate which makes everyone with any sense or judgement (justifiably) detest them.
    And… their relentlessly negative, defeatist and cynical agenda works… it worsens relations so they can happily fight racism (not thinking to ask why so many corporate interests have gotten so woke).

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