Not Radical

I’m reading JK Rowling’s novel and all I’ve got to say is that she’s a radical feminist like I’m a prima at the Bolshoi. It’s a nice novel. Very relaxing, a great flow. Would be a perfect beach read if people still went to beaches. It’s looking like I will be reading the whole Galbraith series. Elizabeth George hasn’t been writing anything, so I need a new author of thousand-page British mysteries to read.

But calling her a radical anything – people are off their bleeding rockers, that’s all I can say.

Historic Events

I just heard the news that Saudi Arabia might recognize Israel.

This crazy year is getting salvaged by this barrage of wonderful news about peace in the Middle East. The world is becoming a better place and we’d all be celebrating if the public discourse weren’t so thoroughly colonized by COVID hysterics and SJW drama queens.

COVID Hysterics

And by the way, talking about stages of life, the biggest COVID hysterics in my experience are precisely women in the stage I talked about earlier today. Unfortunately, people are so ignorant about basic physiology that these women are convinced they are reacting to an actual danger and not to a hormonal storm of an expiring fertility.

Forever COVID

Our news is that we will have mostly online teaching and COVID-capacity classrooms for real teaching up to and including at least the spring of 2022.

I don’t even argue anymore because as long as I can come into an actual classroom, I don’t care what everybody else does. If people want to be crazy, it’s their problem.

Female Stages of Life

Older women always warned me that once you get to this stage of life – the mid-forties – things get really crazy hormonally. But you don’t know it until you experience it.

My compassion for what men go through in their twenties is now enormous. I totally understand why they enlist or go nuts in a variety of less socially acceptable ways.

My friend who is 75 informed me that it’s definitely going to end once I’m 65. That’s something to look forward to, for sure.

It’s really unfair that this happens once one’s fertility completely dies. Twenty years ago, this experience would have come in useful but now it’s got no place in one’s life.

Scholarly Life

For the first time in a long time, I don’t have anything out awaiting decision. I have several major things in the production process but nothing actually awaiting decision. Everybody is working faster than I expected and now I’m stressed out because I believe in the 2-2-2 rule of academic productivity: 2 pieces in production, two awaiting decision, and two that I’m currently writing. This method has served me well and I’m now freaking out.

A funny thing that happened is that I was planning to write an article. I read a lot, found secondary sources, developed a theoretical grounding, created a plan for the article, opened a new .doc file, and….

…. started writing a completely different article on a completely different author from a different part of the world for an entirely different journal.

A Hateful Group

I never hated any groups of people. But now I do. I really hate the evil folks who have injected the solution to the murder mystery in JK Rowling’s new book into every Twitter feed in existence.

I’ve been planning to read her non-YA stuff for a while, finally pre-ordered the new humongous novel… But now I know exactly how it ends thanks to those evil right-fighters. Have your ideological disagreements, whatever. But how dare you spoil the plot of a mystery novel!


Can the Courts Restore Democracy?

This is really great news:

A Pennsylvania Federal Court in Butler County v. Wolf reviewed the indefinite “emergency” restrictions imposed by the executive branch of Pennsylvania government, declaring limitations on gathering size, “stay-at-home orders,” and mandatory business closures unconstitutional. Refusing to accept the alleged need for a “new normal,” the Court stated that an “independent judiciary [is needed] to serve as a check on the exercise of emergency government power.”

We are six months into the longest “two weeks to flatten the curve” known to humanity with no end in sight. Enough is enough. It’s clearly unconstitutional that one person – often somebody who is a billionaire making huge profits off the lockdowns – should have the power to abuse an entire population of a state on a personal whim.

There can’t be an endlessly renewable emergency order that precludes any legislative action. This is undemocratic, unconstitutional, and absolutely wrong. No matter how you feel about the risk of COVID, you have to agree that so much power in the hands of a single person is dangerous.