A Hateful Group

I never hated any groups of people. But now I do. I really hate the evil folks who have injected the solution to the murder mystery in JK Rowling’s new book into every Twitter feed in existence.

I’ve been planning to read her non-YA stuff for a while, finally pre-ordered the new humongous novel… But now I know exactly how it ends thanks to those evil right-fighters. Have your ideological disagreements, whatever. But how dare you spoil the plot of a mystery novel!


6 thoughts on “A Hateful Group”

  1. This is what the mute trends and words function is for on Twitter. Or you could not read Twitter. If you cared that much…
    Buffalo Bill dies in the Silence of the Lambs


      1. I was trying to do a spoiler tag and failed. :-p

        The most salient part of that book and movie wasn’t “Who is murdering these women?” It was Hannibal Lecter toying with everyone around him. So maybe her murder mystery isn’t ruined after all.


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