Historic Events

I just heard the news that Saudi Arabia might recognize Israel.

This crazy year is getting salvaged by this barrage of wonderful news about peace in the Middle East. The world is becoming a better place and we’d all be celebrating if the public discourse weren’t so thoroughly colonized by COVID hysterics and SJW drama queens.

One thought on “Historic Events”

  1. The fact that Saudi Arabia has been allowing flights from Israel to the UAE tells you that they are silent partners in all of this. Let the UAE and Bahrain test the waters with Saudi Arabia’s tacit approval to see if the rest of the Arab world accepts it. What you need to keep in mind here is Iran. Most of the Arab world is more threatened by Iran than Israel. There was a joke regarding Obama’s Iran deal that it was all a trick to get Saudi Arabia in Israel in bed with each other. Perhaps, it was not a joke after all. :p


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