Lockdown Rift

COVID is creating a rift in my family. Whenever N and Klara hear the words “lockdown” or “quarantine,” they begin to cheer loudly and happily, “More lockdowns! More lockdowns!”

And we all know how I feel.

5 thoughts on “Lockdown Rift”

  1. I don’t mind it myself– I still kind of enjoy having most go-hang-out-with-people obligations cancelled. But yeah, I can see the bigger picture and it’s bleak. In better news, at church this week, a fair number of the parishioners seem to have “forgotten” the virus-paranoia protocol. They loitered after liturgy. Yia-Yias were hugging each other, people
    were casually tugging their masks down for easier conversation… the rank and file are starting to treat the rules very casually. And, you know… Yia Yias: who would dare try to tell them what to do?


      1. I’m assuming that’s from modern Greek γιαγιά ‘grandmother’, which can also be written giagia (gamma before iota, and some other letters, is pronounced like English ‘y’ in modern Greek.


          1. Yeah, the old Greek ladies. There is no bossing them around. If you tell them something they don’t like, they pretend they can’t speak English and do whatever they were going to do anyway. Maybe Babushkas are similar…


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