Six Months

I felt an uncontrollable need to take a holiday tomorrow. Stay in bed, eat steak, stay in bed some more. I’m not sick, I’m not tired. So why do I feel like staying in bed all day?

And suddenly I realized: tomorrow is exactly six months since our lockdown started. My mind knew even if I didn’t consciously remember.

Friends, for how much longer will we let them do this to us? When is it going to be enough? People are talking about it like it’s something completely out of their control.

“When things go back to normal… If it gets better… When it’s under control…”

It’s going to go back to normal whenever we decide that it must. There’s no magical fairy who will give us our freedom back.

Outdated Entrepreneurship

The graduate assistant informed me that she’s majoring in Entrepreneurship and doesn’t know much about social media because she doesn’t need them.

I was on the verge of asking if she’s planning to be an entrepreneur in 1986 but managed to control myself.

This is not an isolated problem, by the way. Many entrepreneurship programs prepare students to work in the conditions that don’t exist any more.