All of the Ways to Catch COVID

Everybody laughed when I said somebody refused my offer to teach an online course for us because he was afraid of catching COVID.

But it’s not funny. These poor bastards have been so brainwashed, they think they are at risk of immediately dropping dead if somebody who will never physically be around them socializes with other people.

Yes, you read this last sentence right. See the article at the link.

The worst ones are those who scream SCIENCE!!! FACTS!!!! in all caps. Any mention of actual facts prompts a psychotic break in them.

5 thoughts on “All of the Ways to Catch COVID”

  1. “Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder” anyone?
    Already we have:
    Wear masks every time you leave home
    Maintain a minimum 2-yard distance from others when in public
    Wash your hands constantly and incessantly, alongside additional hand sanitizer applications

    COVID-19 obsession has trumped even concerns about other ailments and illnesses of equal or greater toxicity (an tooth infection can result in blood poisoning if left untreated)
    ….and it’s gotten in the way of the normal functionality of the economic and cultural ecosystems of just about every nation on the globe.

    Enough already! Everybody already knows that “if there’s something going around there’s a chance some of us can catch it”


    1. Thus begins every priesthood ever: We must wash everything. We must say the formula seven times, while walking clockwise around the special stone. We must do it exactly the same every time. Only this will save us…

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  2. What a tragedy for Andy, the student who was suspended. I am fluxomoned by the lack of good old fashioned common sense. And fear suddenly seems like a neurotoxin that’s making everyone brain-compromised.

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    1. ” fluxomoned by the lack of good old fashioned common sense”

      Well they’re being guided by a different logic, publicly humiliate someone as an example to others…. It’s not about covid it’s about the right to make irrational rules and force people to follow them.


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