Incompetent Rulers

In 2016 John Kerry was assuring everybody that there was going to be no peace between Israel and Arab nations without concessions to Palestine.

At that same time, Obama was assuring us that it was absolutely impossible to achieve a less sluggish economic recovery post-recession.

And then we discovered that both things were actually very possible.

We were duped by a bunch of incompetent people who spoke in condescending voices (see video at the link) and bamboozled us for decades to accept their incompetence as the norm.

The sheer self-assurance of John Kerry – whom I have always considered to be one of the most useless, dumb individuals who ever existed – shows why nothing ever got done.

4 thoughts on “Incompetent Rulers”

      1. Poor analysis. When were UAE or Bahrain at war with Israel, that there has to be peace negotiated between them? The real deal for Israel is the Palestinian issue and unless that is resolved, there is really no peace there.


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