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Please read this article, people. Betsy DeVos is elegantly and brilliantly trolling Princeton. It’s a work of art. I so admire that woman.

Where do I go to vote for her?

8 thoughts on “Link of the Day”

  1. I hate to say this, but Betsy De Vos is going after Princeton for religious speech protected by the first amendment. It’s blindingly obvious to everyone that few or no major universities in the US currently engage in large-scale racial discrimination against anyone except Asian-Americans. Yes, there are no doubt individuals who discriminate, and some of them might even be tolerated because they have made the right friends in the internal politics, but they do not represent institutional policy in the big picture. Frankly, institutions would sooner violate laws to get more diversity, not less.

    So if the Princeton administration wasn’t confessing to a violation of federal law, what were they confessing to? They were confessing to being imperfect and not doing as much as they believe they could have done in this imperfect society. They see themselves as complicit in a larger-scale original sin. The individuals saying it may or may not believe it personally, but they say it to show observance of a belief system that some people passionately endorse. This is obviously religious speech, and hence protected by the First Amendment.

    However, I’m not sure if anyone at Princeton can say “Look, obviously we don’t mean this literally” because the religion they’re dealing with is still in its zealous Awakening stage. It hasn’t yet settled down like mainline Protestantism. So they’re stuck saying things that sound like confessions to violating federal law because nobody knows how to say “Look, these are ritual phrases that we utter in church.”

    If tomorrow a Christian said during a religious discussion “I am complicit in the death of Jesus,” and it just so happened that a local man by the name of Jesus had been murdered recently, no cop would arrest that Christian. It would be obvious what the context is, and that the person’s figurative language is protected religious speech.

    All that said, I’ll enjoy watching Princeton squirm while they figure out how to say “Look, you wouldn’t arrest somebody on suspicion of cannibalism just because they said they’re consuming the body and blood of Jesus Christ, so why are you going after me for confessing that I am irredeemably racist and complicit in white supremacist exclusion?


  2. I just saw this. Brilliant!
    I guess that Princeton will now have to prove that it’s not racist, thereby contradicting the administration’s original letter.

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  3. Princeton to its community: “Racism is deeply embedded in our institution and its practices.”
    Princeton to the U.S. Dept of Ed: “We’re not racist at all. In fact, we are firmly committed to anti-racism in everything that we do.”


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