With the Herd

This is why I’ll always be lonely:

82% of Democrats and 16% of Republicans support single-payer healthcare when told that Obama supports it. When instead told that Trump supports it, Dem support drop to 46% and Rep support increase to 44%.


These people, all of them, are aliens to me. This is not some minor, trivial issue! It’s really important. And they can’t be bothered to have an opinion of their own.

7 thoughts on “With the Herd”

  1. That’s what I meant, though. The 16% of Republicans who support something that Obama also supports are not part of the herd.

    The 46% of Democrats who support something Trump supports are not part of the herd.

    The 18% of Democrats who don’t support something Obama supports are not part of the herd, and so are the 56% of Republicans who don’t support something Trump supports.


  2. P.S. only 36% of Democrats and 28% of Republicans are really part of the herd based on this example – so the minority of each party.


  3. Wait, in ‘Related’ posts the blogging platform offers, you offered a different explanation:

    “Hypocrisy or Maturity?

    There is nothing hypocritical in the phenomenon it describes. If people accept that they don’t have the requisite knowledge to understand certain issues and prefer to leave them in the hands of professionals they elected, that’s not hypocritical. Just like it isn’t hypocritical if I trust the opinion of a doctor I have chosen and whose qualifications I like and don’t trust the opinions of an illiterate quack.”



    1. A targeted killing of suspected terrorists doesn’t affect one’s life in a way that’s comparable to the healthcare system. If you don’t care enough about healthcare to not be partisan, you are either extremely young or an idiot.


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