Learning Hubs

Chicago is starting to provide “learning hubs.” Those “hubs” used to be called schools but we have accepted that there shouldn’t be any, so this is what we are being given instead:

Instead of qualified teachers, children will be “hubbed” with adults who aren’t qualified to teach. Why this is a good alternative to having teachers teach since that’s what they are paid to do isn’t explained.

Congratulations, people! We have successfully pressured the state governments into depriving our kids if public schooling.

3 thoughts on “Learning Hubs”

  1. Anyone would care to offer this reader from Europe reliable statistics as to the percentage of black vs white children in Chicago’s public schools ? Somehow I suspect that the vast majority of so-called “allies” of BLM activists don’t/didn’t attend or do not have children in those schools.

    As for BLM activists themselves, they are too busy organizing their takeover of nodal positions of power in corporate America to care.


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