One More Outing

Another black activist is outed as white. These stories appear daily now.

36 thoughts on “One More Outing”

    1. They are all either in academia or in activism. These are environments where people are particularly uncomfortable with race so it’s easier to manipulate them.


        1. The life stories of a activists or academics of any race are so similar that it’s not that big of a deal. Now, if these women pretended to be speakers of a different language or recent immigrants, yes, that would be more onerous.


          1. No, that misses the point. Going into blackface is offensive in a particular way. I don’t think this is something you understand.

            NB there are a LOT of Spanish faculty who are using names of husbands, etc., to appear more authentic. Remember too my Anzaldúa article was rejected a bunch of times by editors who said they couldn’t authorize someone with a name like mine to say those things. One of my distant cousins move to Argentina and married the granddaughter of the colonel Cornelio Saavedra, 1a. junta 1810, and I used to joke I would take the name Saavedra, saying it was a family name, to get around this problem, because people do exactly that!

            I find it offensive that people fake these identities and that they need to, but going into blackface is a whole other genre of things, it’s faking an identity and more.


            1. Oh, you think they actually despise black people and it’s a way to show that?

              It’s very possible. There’s a lot of that going on in these activist circles.


              1. “you think they actually despise black people ”

                Some of them yeah are probably thinking it’s a shortcut to academic credibility. The don’t mind giving up their life story cause they’re mad at their parents (in plain words).

                Dolezal clearly doesn’t despise black people and has blood ties to the community. Given my view that American Blacks at least partly as a cultural and linguistic minority the idea of an original outsider assimilating into the group is not scandalous or even unusual. I remember an article (in a Polish magazine) about a gypsy/romany slum in southern Hungary that pointed out that there were non-Gypsies living there too who had essentially assimilated to gypsy norms (just as some romany dissimilate and join broader Hungarian society). IIRC something similar happens in Spain (facilitated there by the lack of a language barrier).

                I don’t get those who say that race doesn’t exist and that trans women are women but Rachel Dolezal is a dishonest fraud who can’t be forgiven or accepted. The only explanation that allows a person to hold all three positions is some kind of pseudo-religion AFAICT.


  1. I understand that the number is so ridiculously small as to be statistically insignificant, yet I couldn’t help but notice that they are all female, academics and/or activists of sorts. In those fields today it pays to be the right “race”, and in the future even more so, now that being white has become a liability in so many fields of endeavour in North America, including what was until a few seconds ago majority lily-white Kannata/Canada.


  2. In most fields of endeavor you’re best off being white and also being a man. Yes. So I am convinced this is about some sort of psychological issue


    1. Possibly. But definitely not in academia or activism. These women didn’t choose to become plumbers, after all.

      But there’s definitely a psychological component. They are invariably women. That’s got to be significant.


      1. Yes in academia, look who rises to the top / makes the most money still, etc., and I’ve got my suspicions about the activist world.

        But to do this involves creating this whole life story and also genealogy, from the beginning, AND it involves going into blackface, which any activist or academic in field, among most others, know is really insulting. So it’s incredibly deep and weird


      2. “They are invariably women. That’s got to be significant”

        cough cough Shaun King cough cough

        In most societies women leave home and join their husband’s family (often changing names in the process). The process has been…. weakened in industrialized societies but it’s still there.

        Do monks get married symbolically? Nuns marry Jesus as a way of justifying leaving their families behind. My guess is that these are a kind of areligious nun.


          1. Last I knew he absolutely claimed he was black (critics nicknamed him Talcum X).

            The difference between how he and Dolezal were treated seems like massive hypocrisy but what do I know? Apparently not much…


            1. Wow, that’s crazy. And nobody is saying anything??

              There’s no topic that makes people crazier than race in this country. People are literally losing all rationality.


              1. “no topic that makes people crazier than race in this country”

                what about sex? part of the….. unequal responses might have to do with the very different ways that white-black pairings have depending on the sex of the two individuals

                Dolezal was married(?) and has had at least one child with a Black father
                King is married to a Black woman….

                Very different reactions…


    2. “In most fields of endeavor you’re best off being white and also being a man.”

      There’s no way to prove incendiary and divisive assertions like this and there’s no way to stop people from repeating them as if they were actually true either.


    1. “Go look at who’s in charge in most universities and then go look at vitas.”

      Finally, what the world has been waiting for, conclusive proof of systemic racism and sexism is right there before our eyes in the dark pages of university Calendars.


    2. It’s like saying that “Obama became president, so there’s no racism,” though.

      We recently had a search for our university president. All of the applicants were white guys. But, speaking of gender, all of their wives were women. 🙂 They didn’t need vitas at all to get these great salaries.


  3. // unequal responses might have to do with the very different ways that white-black pairings have depending on the sex of the two individuals

    What do you mean, cliff? Are pairings in which a woman is white treated better / worse than the ones with a white man?

    Today I saw a post in Russian lj which claimed normal black-man/white-woman pairings do not appear in American movies. He thought it was a sign of US racism still being not dead. Is it true? Are mixed-race pairings presented more often when a woman is black?

    The blogger talked about the lack of normal couples, citing a few white woman/black man pairings whose abnormality was a point in the movie. F.e. a pairing with a black man being a drug dealer.


      1. // Speaking of interracial interracial relationships, there’s been a series of attacks on it from the left recently.

        I do not think one can compare a few weird people on Twitter to the painful racist past. No normal person would care about those ‘attacks’ from the left. Btw, I live in a country with no Arab/Jewish marriages and know what real cultural-national taboos look like.

        The Russian post re mixed-race marriages is here:


          1. // The line that this is a small, insignificant minority of left-wing crazies has really lost its potency recently.

            If you’re talking about riots, then yes. But not on every topic.

            Again, I know what a society with almost zero intermarriage looks like. The social reactions and realities creating it are light years away from a few tweets.


      1. // Who’s been treated better, Dolezal or King?

        Haven’t heard of King before.

        It is counterintuitive that a man ‘passing’ as black will be treated much better than a white woman claiming the same. I thought white men were supposed to live under a microscope in activist circles and be punished for the most minor infractions.

        Are there some major differences in the situations that explain Dolezal vs. King reactions?


        1. In my region, couples with a white woman and a black man are regarded as low-class. People will assume they are not married, and that the guy will not stick around and be responsible for the kids. The assumptions for a white man/black woman couple are very different. It is generally assumed that they are married, or likely to get married, and that the fellow is going to stay and raise the kids. In my own experience, these stereotypes are mostly correct. It may be different in other parts of the country, or even in more urban areas and among wealthier social classes. We have basically zero Kenyan immigrants here. Every white guy/black woman couple I’ve met, were people who both grew up middle-class, and met at church.


  4. Re women, the latest news include

    // UN Singles Out Only Israel For ‘Women’s Rights Violations’
    Rogue states like China, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, and North Korea rebuke Israel for its record on women’s rights.

    The UN resolution, passed on Monday, falsely blames Israel for the condition of the Palestinian women, the majority of whom live in Hamas-ruled Gaza or in the PLO-controlled Palestinian Territories. Arab women living in Israel enjoy equal rights with men in politics, economics, and the cultural sphere.

    Israeli Arab women have distinguished themselves in various fields: serving as Knesset lawmakers, professors, soldiers, and diplomats. “Among Israeli Arab studying for their bachelor’s degree, women account for 72% of the total,” the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported in June 2017.


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