What Kind of Education?

There are people who are saying that if Trump can institute a federally mandated patriotic education – which, once again, is something that has existed for 200 years everywhere – then Biden, if elected, should be able to mandate the 1619 project to be taught everywhere.

This statement is so ignorant that I cringe in vicarious embarrassment.

What makes a nation possible is a sincere belief that one’s nation is the best one ever and that it has extraordinary achievements that give a sense of pride to every citizen. The comprehensive free education of a nation-state exists to teach this sense of pride and accomplishment. It exists to create a sense of “we,” a shared identity that fills “us” with pride. Without this, it’s back to a feudal-type system.

Does anybody claim that the 1619 project creates unity and imbues us all with a sense of pride? Obviously, not. Discussing it in the context of preserving the nation-state model is ludicrous.

This is the mother of false analogies and it’s sad that educated people roll it out as some sort of an argument that anybody should take seriously.

One thought on “What Kind of Education?”

  1. I am afraid you are assuming that this patriotic education will be implemented in the most perfect manner. There is no evidence that this is even possible. And not because Trump’s supporters are less smart than other people, but because idiocy is equally distributed between right and left and between more or less “patriotic”. So a lot of meme-worthy material will be produced if someone attempts implementing deliberate patriotic education on a nation-wide scale.

    I also have issue with the way you and other conservatives approach “unity”. As if it is an end in itself. It is not. One should always question – unity in the name of what? In service to what? Why should one aspire to “unity” with those who do not share one’s basic value system? (note, I am talking about the basic value system, not about the finest shades of “identity”) The last one is not a rhetorical question, by the way…


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