Marital Distance

At the restaurant today, preparations were underway for a beautiful wedding reception. A wonderful view, exquisite flower arrangements, lovely photographs of a loving couple, and… the bride’s and the groom’s seats six feet away from each other.

It doesn’t matter to true love but it’s surely a sign of the times.


There’s a reason why all these videos surface of women screaming hysterically about Trump or freaking out at “protests.”

Remember that story about the female students at Cornell who couldn’t speak in class if “boys” were present?

This is a form of femininity where you feel like less of a woman if you appear in a public space and speak out. What’s the feminine version of “emasculated”? That’s the thing.

So to compensate, these women start acting in exaggeratedly “female” ways. They act like they are a lot more emotional, fragile, and empathetic than they are.

Repeat After Me

What I have to say about the actual appointment of a new justice is this.

It’s not that important.

You’d think that people would finally learn but they never do.

Remember how it was supposed to be a total end of the world when Gorsuch (or Kagan, if you are on the other side) was appointed? Remember how it was supposed to be a really REALLY total end of the world with Kavanaugh (Sotomayor on the other side)?

And? Did your life appreciably change for the worse when these “terrible evildoers” were appointed?

Nope. It did not.

Even the useless old Roe that is wheeled out every time our Democratic betters want to really rile up the base is still in place. Not that it would change absolutely anything if it weren’t. (And if you think otherwise, it’s probably because you are past the age of needing to know how abortions are done today).

It’s. Not. That. Big. Of. A. Deal.

It’s s big deal that RBG died, and I’m still sad. But whoever gets appointed, I’m not forgetting recently learned lessons. All that drama over Kavanaugh and what? What are the extremely scandalous things that he’s done since then? And mind you, if you can’t answer without a search engine, then there’s nothing serious.

Let’s stop allowing these people to rile us up and rob us blind while we jump up and down like stupid puppets.

I’m not saying nothing in the world matters. I’m saying, very specifically, that it doesn’t matter much who the next Supreme Court justice is. It’s an issue of considerable interest but it’s not even remotely as important as the politicians and the media manage to convince us every single time.