Against Surrogacy

Brigit is nobody’s child: her biological parents in the U.S. decided not to take her, and her surrogate mother in Ukraine didn’t want her either. Her story highlights the pitfalls of Ukraine’s controversial surrogate adoption industry.

Surrogacy needs to be outlawed. Children are human beings. Nobody is entitled to a child. Nobody should be able to purchase a child.

The Real Scandal

On the subject of SCOTUS nominations, I quit being a Democrat six months after registering to vote as a Democrat because of the disgusting way Democrats were treating the most recent nominee. That was after 20 years of not even considering of being anything but a Democrat.

The ugliness of the SCOTUS nominations goes directly to the heart of what’s wrong with US liberalism. Democrats don’t want to legislate. Their leadership is so much to the left of where the voters are that the only way of achieving the leadership’s goals is to ram through deeply unpopular measures by way of SCOTUS rulings.

The reason why the Democratic leadership is so far to the left of the voters is not because older people like Pelosi, Schumer or Biden believe in the Green New Deal, open borders, women with penises, and all that sort of crazy stuff. It’s because the digital oligarchy that pays the party’s bills demands this kind of thing.

We are constantly in the grip of SCOTUS nomination drama because a tiny digital oligarchy wants stuff that citizens don’t. That’s the real scandal here.

Instead of uniting and standing up to the oligarchy, we are allowing the oligarchs to divide and conquer us by way of spats over truly ridiculous pseudo-issues that the oligarchs feed us through the social media that they possess.