My Social Score System

I declined an invitation to publish in an edited volume last week because the editors don’t have well-developed profiles on or Research Gate even though they are younger than me.

I wouldn’t care about this if they were from an older generation, but youngsters? That they haven’t bothered to do something as simple as that tells me they won’t show any initiative in promoting the edited volume.

It’s one thing when everybody already knows you. But early-career academics who don’t take advantage of social media to get their name out are simply weird.

5 thoughts on “My Social Score System”

  1. Isn’t having a personal research website with the university enough? I personally don’t have a page with either ResearchGate or and I don’t see the benefit in my field. I can post free-to-read preprints of all of my stuff on the university website and am royally irritated when the only page someone has is with a network that requires membership.


    1. We are in the Humanities. We don’t have any of the fancy stuff like that. :-))

      I need something that will bring up my research in google searches and does it. Google scholar used to be nice but they have completely disinvested from it.

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      1. No shade on how you want to present your research, it’s obviously working our for you. But if your school doesn’t provide web space, which I can’t believe it doesn’t, you could literally start your own scholarly website for free right here, on WordPress. Just open another WordPress blog; you can have multiple pages within (About, Publications, News (that would be the blog), Contact, etc.). You can post whatever you want there. These are super searchable. I have my author website for fiction on WordPress, which, combined with Twitter, provides me plenty of exposure. If I didn’t have a university website (running WordPress software, but university-hosted; I maintain it), I would do what I just described for my research website.

        Anyway, no shade intended. To each their own. This was more of an FYI if you ever get sick of or Research Gate, you already have all the experience to run your own research site through WordPress.


  2. I have an and have found it useful. That being said, many academics see the site as a bit embarrassing and lowbrow (it’s a for profit enterprise). Like xykademiqz, they prefer to use their institutional repository. But many of us don’t have that option (my school’s website is laughable).

    I would say that the two most important questions to ask before committing to an edited collection are a) what presses are the editors interested in pursuing? and b) what scholars (if any) have committed to the project?


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