Betting Game

So if Amy Barrett is going to be nominated, what will it be? What will she be accused of?

Probably not gang rape because that’s been done and everybody is bored. I’m thinking pedophilia. She does have all those kids. Why would a normal person want all those kids if not to abuse them, right? There can’t be another reason.

Let’s place bets. The Handmaid’s Tale is already a flop. They’ve got to have something bigger up their sleeves.

12 thoughts on “Betting Game”

  1. “Let’s place bets. The Handmaid’s Tale is already a flop”

    But one of the defining features of modern progressives, leftists and democrats (three separate but intersecting groups) is the almost complete failure to recognize when something isn’t working and still pushing it as hard as they can… so I’m thinking they’ll double down on the handmaid angle with lots of people dressing up like handmaids and whatnot.


  2. I’m with Cliff. They’re flat out of ideas. Not a drop of creativity left.

    My inclination is that they won’t bring up the pedo thing, because that’s a sore spot for them right now what with the whole Epstein/Maxwell thing still simmering. But then, they’re reliably guilty of basically everything they accuse others of doing, so… why not?

    On that same note, they will of course attack her for being partisan and having irrational beliefs. Because that’s what they see in the mirror.


    1. But hey, what if it turns out she’s a Russian spy? Wouldn’t that be neat. I’m sure she once passed by some Russian in the street. Talking about a beaten old horse that never really dies.


        1. I don’t think they’d want to attract much attention to Russia now that these things came out about Hunter Biden.

          I can’t begin to explain how horrid these people are. These aren’t just some corrupt officials. These are gangsters. Biden isn’t just corrupt. He has ties to a transnational criminal gang.


        2. On Facebook, people are criticizing Amy Barrett for… being a housewife. Apparently, her religion doesn’t allow women to work.

          That I didn’t expect given that it’s precisely her brilliant career that is causing this brouhaha.

          I pointed this out and now people are pouting.

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  3. How can they smear her? Let me count the ways:
    – the former student who will claim she tried to/did have sex with him/her
    – the high school or college friend who didn’t just drive her to the abortion clinic, but held her hand through the procedure
    – the church elder who had a secret affair with her (maybe one of those kids is really his!)

    My money’s on spurious charges of inappropriate relationships with students during her tenure at Norte Dame.


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