Unmasked Woman in Ohio

Re: the woman tasered in Ohio for not wearing a mask.

The mask mandates are stupid. Wearing a mask outside is idiotic. Doing so in a mostly empty bleacher is deranged.


The woman behaves in a highly abnormal way. There’s something very much not OK with her. She was there for a little boy’s game. The impact on a middle-school boy of a mother who flies into fits over nothing isn’t great. I think masks are completely useless and often a hazard. But I’ll wear a mask, a niqab, a burka, and a spacesuit all at once to avoid any tension or unpleasantness where my child is present.

There’s something in that situation we don’t know. The woman is on drugs, she has mental illness, or this is a publicity stunt. But thank goodness she’s white because otherwise we’d see the whole state burn over the actions of one clearly unstable individual.

24 thoughts on “Unmasked Woman in Ohio”

  1. I am the covid dissentient on this blog, I guess, since I am for compulsory mask wearing:

    “Israel sees 61 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours as MKs row over new restrictions
    Health Ministry says 1 in 7 of the 56,000 tests carried out since Wednesday evening has come back positive; death toll stands at 1,378 with 685 people in serious condition and 175 patients on ventilators; Knesset set to vote to tighten already existing lockdown”

    Protests against Netanyahu are prohibited, yet putting thousands of people in a synagogue is OK since ultra-Orthodox are against limiting prayers to “open spaces and no more than 20 people.” Health experts say “Opening synagogues on Yom Kippur could cause mass transmission” and they are right. Already Haredi are the group with most ill or/and infected people for several reasons.

    // Wearing a mask outside is idiotic. Doing so in a mostly empty bleacher is deranged.

    Depends what you mean by outside. When people say ‘I am outside,’ they often go to supermarkets or various small shops or sitting for a long while in close proximity to others like during a game.

    We are not talking only about walking alone in a deserted park somewhere. When I am walking among crowds of people on narrow pavements, I am all for wearing a mask.


    1. I’m fine with mask mandates too, but not lockdowns. I’m a coronavirus centrist. Of course, Clarissa is entirely right that it doesn’t matter at outdoor events.


      1. // Of course, Clarissa is entirely right that it doesn’t matter at outdoor events.


        You can get the flu from me, if we sit near each other for a relatively long time or “when someone near you coughs or sneezes”, but not covid?

        Unfortunately, covid has become politicized and it affects how most people think about it. As if being for mask mandates should equal supporting Biden, while being against = supporting Trump.


        1. The risk of transmission is low outdoors, for the flu, a cold, or COVID. One of the main reasons people get colds and the flu more in the winter is they spend more time indoors. Of course, if we’re all packed together like sardines, I think it’s good to wear masks, even when outdoors. Altogether I’m pro-mask, and I’m fine with my state’s mask mandate.

          It’s unfortunate that COVID has become so politicized, but since it has, it isn’t unreasonable for it to affect who you vote for. Biden has suggested he might do a national mask mandate (though he walked that back) and is open to forcing lockdown on states. If you’re against masks or lockdown and it’s an important issue to you, it’s logical to vote for Trump.

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        2. First of all, this wasn’t a World Cup game between Brazil and Germany. Nobody was sitting near anybody because there were very few people to begin with.

          Now, this coronavirus doesn’t transmit outdoors. Outdoor mask mandates are very rare yet there is no evidence of any outbreaks outdoors. You can call this political but it’s simply a fact.

          Another fact is that until and including January of 2020, every virologist was saying that masks are useless against coronaviruses. Fauci was saying that, too. That he’s now saying something different is definitely political.

          The virus has played itself out. What this means is that it’s a rapidly mutating virus that descends in potency with every mutation. This is why mortality and hospitalizations everywhere have dropped off a cliff. It’s simply how these viruses work. We are all making gigantic asses out of ourselves over nothing, a fiction.


          1. “The virus has played itself out”

            This is why the overblown drama in the media has shifted from deaths (which were alarming in March-April) to number of infections being discovered. But if you google French infection rates and fatality rates you notice that despite thousands and thousands of new cases being discovered every day the fatality rate has fallen to very little.

            It’s similar in Poland (which has partly followed the Japanese model of testing as few people as they think they can get away with). Despite record setting numbers of cases being found the hospitalization rate has barely increased and fatalities have slightly increased (though the average age of death remains very close to life expectancy numbers in the mid 70s).

            I’m mad at the university for going remote for the upcoming semester (some less informed colleagues are less so) but I’m hoping things might change next semester….


            1. Illinois has already tested 5,000,000 people and the governor is very proud of this utterly meaningless number. If we had real reporters, somebody would be writing about his investments into testing companies and the transfer of state money directly into his pocket through mandatory testing. But no such luck.


    2. Infections mean absolutely nothing given that the overwhelming majority of people are asymptomatic and don’t transmit.

      Have you looked into how many of those 1,378 people – which is a tiny number in terms of an entire country – were in the last stages of life? How many wouldn’t have lived to the end of the year? Seeing those numbers usually clears one’s mind pretty fast.


  2. Of course, the situation in US could be much better than in Israel, and universities with young population cut off the rest of the world are another issue.

    I think closing off entire US or whole states (some larger than Israel) undiscriminatingly is idiotic.

    However, I also don’t want my 60+ year old mother to get it and there are many (still working, not pensioners) people like her.

    Wearing a mask should not be too hard, but many people f.e. on public transportation are very selfish and stupid. So they don’t do it correctly and even sometimes aggressively refuse when other passengers ask them to wear a mask as the law says. 😦


      1. // If masks work, then the person at risk (or who feels at risk) wearing them should be enough, no?

        The general idea is:

        Especially when you are for a long time together in a bus with air conditioning.


    1. As we were recently told, things are either racist or anti-racist. That’s it. There are no other options.

      I’m still confused about ants. Are they racist or anti-racist? And how about trees? Potatoes? TVs? Picture frames?

      It’s confusing.


      1. Clearly, trees– a key feature of national parklands and suburban neighborhoods– are racist. Potatoes, guilty by association with Ireland, are racist. Picture frames, without doubt, are a European invention, and therefore racist. TVs have always been racist, and until every person who writes, produces, or appears in a TV program is a transgender black woman, cannot be considered for re-classification as anti-racist.

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      2. “I’m still confused about ants. Are they racist or anti-racist?”

        Seriously? There are red ants and black ants, dark rover ants, European fire ants and African army ants.

        Racist as heck, QED.


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