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The only podcast I ever listen to is Michael Moore’s. But in the most recent episode he declared that teachers are the most popular group in America right now and everybody would be happy to give them a raise. This is beyond clueless because teachers are hated like never before for the damage their refusal to go back to school is doing. So that was one blooper too many for me and I stopped.

So I started to look for a new podcast and decided to check out this guy Joe Rogan that everybody is talking about. He did a recent interview with Douglas Murray who is brilliant, so I thought, how bad can it be?

Turns out, pretty bad. You need to be deeply inept as an interviewer to botch a conversation with somebody as interesting as Murray but Rogan did it. He constantly interrupted with inane diatribes and dedicated a significant portion of the show to the idiocy of Trump’s tweets. Bad, bad tweets! After 5 years of hearing about Trump’s tweets, this isn’t what I’d call a hot take but the Rogan fellow just couldn’t let it go.

You’d think at this point anybody with half a brain cell will figure out that Trump’s tweets conveniently distract from any actual criticisms that can be made of him. You’d think somebody would notice that there have been years of criticizing the style and not the substance of Trump and that’s had no result because nobody (except for a small bunch of very clueless ultra-liberals) cares. I’m away from that crowd these days and I didn’t realize that they are still pearl-clutching about the tweets and even the re-tweets.

So that was a fail. I think I’m going to give up on the podcast genre now.

12 thoughts on “Podcast Adventures”

  1. Out of curiosity, I am intrigued by what prompted Michael Moore to make that comment about teachers. Do you remember? I can’t imagine anyone being happy with teachers right now.


    1. I have seen so many good reviews of his podcast, and I have tried a few times now, and I just. Can’t. Listen. to the guy. He takes too long to say anything. It’s torture. Maybe if I could figure out how to listen to him at 2x speed? Maybe it’s a content issue, too, though– Metropolitan Kallistos Ware talks even slower, but I could listen to him all day. He’s great.

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  2. Where I am, teachers took over politics, with a large proportion of parliament having seats filled by teachers. Afterwards, the economy crashed while everyone realised that the adult version of teachers sending students to the naughty corner is basically what authoritarian regimes are.

    Therefore, despite having teachers in the family, I think that it what we need right now are good decent smart people no matter what their job is. Oh and teachers should be tested more often, in some new psychology test designed to determine how similar they are to, say, Stalin.


  3. “this guy Joe Rogan ”

    He’s the podcast equivalent of Pink Floyd, a normie’s idea of edgy…. I…. don’t get him.

    My current favorite podcast is Musicalsplaining as a musical fan tries to make a musical-hater see the light. If you don’t love/hate musicals it’s probably a hard sell, but the initial Cats episode is hilarious even after several listenings.

    And of course my gold standard: My dad wrote a porno as an English guy read’s his father’s sincere yet inept attempt to write erotic fiction to friends…. one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard (I mean, can’t breathe because I’m laughing so hard funny).

    Chapo Trap House (hardcore Sanders supporters) is chaotic and uneven but sometimes interesting and Cum Town is mostly unbearable but occasionally hilarious.


    1. I’ve enjoyed some of his podcasts– I listen whenever he’s got someone on that I’m interested in. It’s boring when it’s just his MMA and comedian friends. I think the appeal is that he seems like kind of a regular guy, and if things are going well, he just lets the other guy talk. For three hours. And as much as his commentary isn’t very enlightening, I’ve noticed that there are a couple of people he’s had on, who were more interesting on his show than they were in their own solo videos, because they react well to having someone friendly to chat with. It’s hit-and-miss, but some of them are worth the time.


  4. I like Joe Rogan’s podcasts a lot, they’re probably the thing that most helped me able to relate to men that aren’t gloriously pencil-necked nerds like me. It’s all very… tigers and aliens, though, wouldn’t fault anyone for bouncing off.

    You’d probably like Eric Weinstein’s podcast. Man’s sharp and is in alignment with a lot of your ideas – duplicity, ridiculousness and danger of the woke, the necessity of affording respect to scholarship and people who are genuinely impressive, a recognition of the necessity of dignity, and is erudite-religious.

    He’s also more or less a booster for high tech – you’ll see him talk to Peter Thiel (Facebook, Palantir), Vitalik Buterin (Bitcoin, more or less), Andrew Yang, and so on.

    When he talks about Trump’s tweets, you’ll enjoy it. Yes, I know how tall an order that is.


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