The Submissive Judge

Seriously, of all the slurs you could hurl at Barrett, this one makes the least sense:

In what sense is she possibly submissive? You read this and imagine wife number fifty-seven living in a compound and walking around in an apron over a frumpy long dress.

Barrett made a brilliant career by anybody’s standards. The whole reason why she’s getting this write-up is that she has reached a culmination of a jurist’s professional ambitions and has been nominated for SCOTUS.

How is she any more submissive than, I don’t know, Ruth Bader Ginsburg in whose religion men thank God for not having made them women?

This is now a big feminist thing. Rubbishing a woman’s achievements in the name of feminism. I have a whole FB feed full of extremely progressive ladies hissing at Barrett for being a disgrace to womanhood.

9 thoughts on “The Submissive Judge”

  1. The Theotokos says “I am the handmaid of the Lord” and we regard her as the champion general of heaven “Queen of War, the battle trophies won…”

    I think this is yet another of those moments where our culture has become so religiously illiterate that they simply cannot interpret anything related to religion. It does not compute.


    1. “handmaid if the Lord… religiously illiterate”

      Ignorant especially about the centrality of service, both to God and to humanity, that is at the core of Christian teaching.

      “For who is greater, he who sits at the table, or he who serves? Is it not he who sits at the table? Yet I am among you as the One who serves.” Luke 22:27


  2. All of the “submissive” Christian women I have known (my grandmother and my wife among them) have been powerhouse thinkers, doers and believers.


    1. // That always seemed nasty….. do Jewish women ever get to thank god?

      In female version of this prayer, a woman thanks God for :

      // This particular blessing (or for women, “Blessed art thou, O Lord our G-d, King of the universe, for having made me according to His will”), is preceded in the prayer book by two others thanking G-d for being a Jew and for not being a slave. Together, the three help a Jew express gratitude for his or her particular lot in life. Men thank G-d for being placed in a position to perform more mitzvot (obligations) than women, since Torah assigns them a greater number. The Torah tells us that the fact that men have more mitzvot indicates they have further to go in order to perfect themselves in the world. The Torah tells us that women, on the other hand, in order to accomplish their specific mission, are born more spiritually evolved. Thus, a man can legitimately thank Hashem for not having been made a woman, because he has a greater number of opportunities to use the mitzvot as tools to connect to G-d. //

      In other news,

      Dread Head Cowboy’s horse ‘has drastically improved,’ now on private farm after expressway ride, Ald. Lopez says


    1. How secret can that society be when everybody seems to know about it? It doesn’t add up. If it really were secret you wouldn’t know that she was a member thereof, ergo it is not a secret society.


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