We Have a Nominee

Oh, so Trump already chose the nominee? And it’s Barrett?

How come I completely missed the news?

For now, the only accusation against her is that Margaret Atwood wrote a novel in the 1980s that was made into a TV show recently. And people are blaming Amy Coney Barrett for the behavior of some characters in that show.

There’s definitely nothing more annoying than mean characters in a TV series, so there’s that.

10 thoughts on “We Have a Nominee”

  1. Some are apparently trying to dig up dirt on the adoption of her two adopted children from Haiti. I kinda want them to open that can of worms, in a “since you brought it up…” way. Apparently there’s some corruption scandal waiting to happen re: Haiti, kid charities, and the Clinton Foundation.

    I like the lady. I hope she has good security.


  2. It seems that they’re gonna go after her kids…

    Kendi is this year’s Greta, a non-entity picked by the elite to tell us what they have planned… (in Greta’s case it was the destruction of air travel – she said we have to do it and now they’re doing it…


    1. This is a big miscalculation. This will speak to a tiny sliver of already unhinged BLMers. Nobody else will find this interesting. If they wanted crazed broads clawing the walls of the Senate, this isn’t the issue.


  3. OT: I know you’ve changed your mind on a lot of things and you did do a reader request post recently. But if you’re bored: I wonder, when and how did you change your mind about Bush Jr’s presidency?


    1. I didn’t. Still hate the m-fucker with an intense passion. Can’t hear his name, it makes me so angry. Unless it comes out that the war in Iraq was a figment of my imagination, I’ll not budge.


      1. This hatred surely can’t extend to anyone who helped him get into office though that first time. Do you believe the war would’ve happened no matter who was President or do you think it’s possible it wouldn’t have happened otherwise?


        1. Looking at Clinton before and Obama after, of course it would have happened. Or some other big war would have happened. The military-industrial complex is extremely powerful.

          Biden wins, I give it 5-6 months tops before some miserable country gets bombed out. But at least he’s anti-racist and that makes it all worth it.


          1. Assuming 9/11 happened because a President Gore ignored intelligence briefings, I believe the War in Afghanistan still happens, but for how long I’m not sure. The Iraq War, I don’t think happens because Lieberman wasn’t in with oil companies like Cheney is, nor was Gore as personally close with the Saudi royal family.

            So maybe you’d get no or one generation spanning war instead of two. 🙃


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