Canceling Presidential Campaigning

In 2016, Trump abandoned the traditional campaigning practices of amassing tons of donations and buying a lot of TV ads. He won.

In 2020, Biden is taking this even further. He’s not campaigning at all. No press conferences, no rallies, the campaign shuts down by 9:30 am at the latest day after day. And nobody seems to mind or even notice it that much. The supporters are stunned when you mention this because they are convinced he’s actively on the stump.

We are going in the direction where people will accept a plastic doll with a tribal sign as their candidate and aggressively campaign for their totem.

17 thoughts on “Canceling Presidential Campaigning”

  1. This has been very puzzling to me. My liberal friends are like “we’ve got to win this election, or it’s the end of America!” and I’m like “How is that going to happen if your candidate never leaves his house?” and they’re like “Whaaaat? He’s out campaigning all the time. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

    It’s like we are living in separate, parallel realities.

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  2. // the campaign shuts down by 9:30 am at the latest

    You probably meant by 9:30 pm, right?

    Considering the international covid situation, rallies do not seem like a good idea to me. Very tone deaf and potentially dangerous.

    “The traditional campaigning practices of amassing tons of donations and buying a lot of TV ads” sound like ‘the richest man wins.’ I am glad they are being left behind.

    With today’s social media everybody has a chance to make himself heard. Before TV, Internet or even radio, the candidates had to travel physically and gather crowds to promote their message. Now a single Tweet is much more effective at reaching huge numbers of potential voters than 10 rallies.

    Why should the campaign not shut down till midnight? Is a candidate that ineffective at presenting his program during numerous day hours?

    It is high time political campaigning evolved considering the new technological-social realities.


    1. I mean AM. There’s virtually no campaign. No press conference, almost no TV appearances, no meeting the voters virtually or in any form.

      Trump’s doing two-three rallies a day and there hasn’t been a single outbreak. But the imaginary threat of COVID is very convenient for the candidate who can’t function by 9 in the morning.


  3. Some somewhat good news:

    // Saudi Arabia has said it will not follow its allies Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates in establishing diplomatic relations without a resolution to the Palestinian issue

    Saudi Arabia, however, is pushing to change public perceptions about Jews with a risky outreach to a community that has long been vilified by the kingdom’s clerical establishment and media, laying the groundwork for an eventual recognition.

    School textbooks, once well-known for denigrating Jews and other non-Muslims as “swines” and “apes”, are undergoing revision as part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s campaign to combat extremism in education, officials say.

    “The Saudi government has also decided to prohibit the disparagement of Jews and Christians in mosques,” said Saudi analyst Najah al-Otaibi. “Anti-Jewish rhetoric was common at Friday prayers of the imams in mosques used to address Muslims around the world.”

    In a stunning U-turn, a preacher in the holy city of Mecca triggered a social media storm this month when he spoke of Prophet Mohammed’s friendly relations with Jews to advocate religious tolerance.

    Mohammed al-Issa, a Saudi cleric who heads the Muslim World League, won praise from Israel in January after he traveled to Poland for events marking 75 years since the Nazi death camp Auschwitz was liberated.

    Earlier this year, the kingdom announced the screening of a Holocaust-themed film for the first time at a movie festival, before it was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    The kingdom has also pursued a bold outreach to Jewish figures, including in February when King Salman hosted a Jerusalem-based rabbi, David Rosen, for the first time in modern history.


  4. “Biden…’s not campaigning at all”

    I saw a blind item recently that suggested that the DNC is preparing a list of…. new VP candidates in case he has to drop out.

    I sooooooooo want a debate. I’d feel a bit sorry for Biden but watching Biden voters try to spin whatever he does as some kind of great victory would be the most hilarious (and spinetingly soviet) thing ever.


    1. I’ll be liveblogging the debate. I don’t think it will have any impact because it’s far beyond who’s competent and who makes a convincing case but it’s an old hobby to watch these debates.


      1. Something tells me this debate will be a turning point. I think Biden will tank and and they will put Kamala as the nominee instead of him. Biden’s state seems to be worsening from week to week.


  5. The polls seem to consistently give Biden a decent lead, so keeping out of sight is apparently serving him well. If he has no clear identity in the minds of most voters besides “the one that’s not Trump”, maybe that’s the best he can do.


    1. “the one that’s not Trump”

      Who knew that this was the main qualification for U.S. President? Mr. Ed was not Trump either but at least he had horse sense and most, if not all, of his marbles.


  6. The non-stop violent riots are going to be far more effective in driving fed-up voters into Trump’s camp than the Democrats realize. The Dems have mostly ignored the violence, hoping that it would die out before election day, but that’s clearly not happening — and the Dems’ initial attempts at blaming the mayhem on Trump (“It’s happening on his watch!”, “He’s deliberately encouraging the protesters,” etc.) fell so flat that they quickly dropped that line of attack.

    A lot of people like to claim that they never watch Fox News, and CNN and MSNBC have done a virtual blackout of information about the riots — but EVERYBODY realizes the anarchy in the streets by now, however they may try to deny or justify it.


  7. Canceling Presidential Debating (via Mike):

    Via Mike:


      1. Exactly. Somehow I feel that Mr Biden’s campaign managers will find a round-about way of extricating their candidate out of the presidential debate AND then blame Mr Trump for it. Wanna bet ?


        1. They put Biden on speed, he’ll get brilliantly through the debate. You can get an early-stage Alzheimer patient to function great with the right cocktail of drugs.

          Remember that Biden is representing the Silicone Valley, which is obsessed with nootropics and enhancing short-term brain function with drug cocktails.


  8. French scientists against the importation of identity politics into the French academy (‘the racialization of discourses’):

    International Scholars Must Resist the American Campaign to Inject Racial Tribalism Into Science

    We urge other scientists not to follow the American example, and to resist the campaign to racialize science. While we admire many aspects of American culture, we reject its cultural imperialism—including the new form of ostensibly progressive cultural imperialism that serves to impose America’s own obsessive race tribalism on the rest of the world.

    Our European experience provides no shortage of cautionary tales—including Renaissance Florence under the influence of Dominican friar Girolamo Savonarola, who imposed a regime of religious purity in the 1490s. Such was his sway that no less an artist than Sandro Botticelli was induced to burn his creations and give up painting. In all eras, the demands of ideological purity serve to suppress the pursuit of art and reason. Standing up to puritans is necessary if we are to protect the telos and soul of science.


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