Not Sheep

Hundreds of people at the zoo today wore chin masks for hours. It’s when you push the mask down to under your chin to hold up your lower jaw.

I hope they remember the utterly unnecessary fuss and humiliation of the masks they don’t believe in on November 3.

Of course, it’s just stupid masks, who cares. But add that to the ritual humiliation of privilege trainings, microaggression workshops, lockdowns, peaceful riots… I hope people aren’t total sheep and are paying attention.

4 thoughts on “Not Sheep”

  1. Virus case numbers are going up so rapidly in Europe that everyone will probably be glad of their masks within a few weeks. I personally predict an uptick so large and alarming that everyone will freak out all over again. Even the Russians are publishing an increase in cases. The Russians!


    1. Given that Russia is an autocracy, it shouldn’t be that surprising that the government loves the idea of keeping everybody locked up and scared.

      Why we should imitate them is still not explained.


      1. I didn’t say that anyone should imitate the Russians, but rather, that even nations like Russia that are probably better served suppressing published case numbers etc are publishing higher numbers, which suggests that the pandemic is truly taking a turn for the worse.

        Also, I don’t think that the Russian government needs to scare people into staying home at this point by publishing higher case and death numbers. The Russian population is generally fairly clever (or even autocratic itself) by Western standards. They understand what it means for the weather to be getting cooler while cases and deaths increase across most of Europe.

        Anyway, I don’t want to argue about any of these things, because I am not an expert in Russia or Russians. I would, though, be quite pleased if there were a spare mask or two handy for everyone who participates on this blog just in case.


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