The Real Patriarchy

The law Newsom signed Saturday says officers must ask inmates privately during the intake process if they identify as transgender, nonbinary or intersex. Those inmates can then request to be placed in a facility that houses either men or women.

So why would any male inmate not say he “identifies as” whatever to be placed in a female jail?

Newsom is a man who’s putting vulnerable women in a position to be raped and victimized by male criminals. There’s no better example of patriarchy in action than a dude who helps other dudes rape women. But for some reason nobody is running around Newsom’s mansion in Handmaid’s Tale costumes. The real patriarchy, for our brave feminists, is all about a woman getting into a position of power by virtue of her achievement and intellect.

Red, Orange and Yellow

In the 2000s we were daily spooked by the utterly meaningless “red or orange terror alerts.” They were used to strip us of many of our civil rights.

Today, we are spooked and controlled by “red and yellow zones” for COVID. These utterly meaningless zones are used to strip is of more of our rights.

That so many people aren’t seeing the striking similarities is creepy. It’s like their memories have been wiped out.

Our Burka

Remember the burka debates on this blog back in the past? Good times.

I kept saying that it’s crucial that we see each other’s faces, that our face is our identity, that depriving a person of the right to show her face is dehumanizing.

Now we have all lost the right to show our faces in public. And what’s funny is that the exact same people who didn’t understand my argument back then are the most fanatical maskers now.