Our Burka

Remember the burka debates on this blog back in the past? Good times.

I kept saying that it’s crucial that we see each other’s faces, that our face is our identity, that depriving a person of the right to show her face is dehumanizing.

Now we have all lost the right to show our faces in public. And what’s funny is that the exact same people who didn’t understand my argument back then are the most fanatical maskers now.

One thought on “Our Burka”

  1. Respectfully, the two situations seem quite different given that the burka issue relates to the individual, while the wearing of medical masks issue relates to others as much as it relates to the individual. In other words, you can’t kill another person by leaving your burka at home, while a person infected with SARS can kill many others by leaving their medical mask at home.


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