The Real Patriarchy

The law Newsom signed Saturday says officers must ask inmates privately during the intake process if they identify as transgender, nonbinary or intersex. Those inmates can then request to be placed in a facility that houses either men or women.

So why would any male inmate not say he “identifies as” whatever to be placed in a female jail?

Newsom is a man who’s putting vulnerable women in a position to be raped and victimized by male criminals. There’s no better example of patriarchy in action than a dude who helps other dudes rape women. But for some reason nobody is running around Newsom’s mansion in Handmaid’s Tale costumes. The real patriarchy, for our brave feminists, is all about a woman getting into a position of power by virtue of her achievement and intellect.

7 thoughts on “The Real Patriarchy”

  1. What kind of women end up in prison? Poor women. Overwhelmingly.

    And that’s why Newsom and his ilk don’t care. He can’t imagine a world where his mother, sister, wife, daughter, etc. ends up in jail.


  2. What if this has nothing to do with any so-called “patriarchy” but rather is simply a politically correct reaction to the actions of very aggressive people who demand that everyone ask what their gender is.


  3. What’s ‘intersex’ doing there? If you have a disorder that prevents the normal development of sexual characteristics, you may ‘identify as intersex’. (Or not, if you prefer to consider it a medical condition rather than the most important thing in your life.) If you don’t, you can’t. An objectively existing, physical condition is a prerequisite.


  4. Hello Clarissa, I’m late replying too this but I feel it’s something that needs to be known in the US.

    The UK has unfortunately been overtaken by a potentially child-abusing charity called mermaids. One of the consequences is that decisions about prisons have been made in line with the law you talk about here.

    Can I refer you to an article from the grauniad – the left-wing national broadsheet newspaper (NB for non-UK readers, broadsheet is opposed to tabloids, which are more sensationalist and aim for a lower reading difficulty, is this the same in other countries?)

    I don’t know the correct answer, but these situations are definitely wrong.


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