Dreher on Tucker

Rod Dreher will be on Tucker tonight to talk about his new book. It’s a must-watch segment!

I currently have no plans to read the book because I already agree with everything in it, so what’s the point? But the segment will be great.

6 thoughts on “Dreher on Tucker”

  1. I might catch that….later.

    I’ll be watching Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals starts at 8 pm and if this game is like the others, it’ll be very exciting with several overtime periods working the goalies to their limits. Normally there would be no hockey games as the regular season ends in April and starts in October. Also there would be cheering fans in each city’s packed stadium as the teams fly back and forth. Instead, the games are being held in Edmonton, with a simulcrum of crowd noises.


    1. Americans are lucky because the NBC broadcast crew is very professional – fortuitously, Saturday night Stanley Cup NBC games are available here in Canada-land.

      English-speaking Canadians are stuck on all other nights with the Leaf broadcast crew, perhaps the most nausea-producing of any two broadcasters in professional sport. They’re huge Leafs fans and are clearly very unexcited about calling games that don’t involve the Leafs. The Leafs fans, huge knuckle-draggers to a person, hate their broadcast crew too because they’re not big enough Leafs fans (!!!) – but they’re in Toronto and so the terminally stupid Toronto (aka centre of universe) broadcast executives give them all the big hockey games to call notwithstanding the universally-experienced nausea from coast to coast to coast.

      Of course, I’d happily watch en francais but my cable provider for some perverse, annoying reason supplies the RDS network to the exclusion of TVA. Aargh!

      I’ll watch with the mute on, again, sigh…


  2. Hey, Clarissa, did you notice that right after Tucker interviewed Dreher, he gave a glowing eulogy for your favorite Putin apologist Stephen F. Cohen?


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