Different Expectations

One sad observation is this. If I tell my Democrat acquaintances tomorrow that I think Trump did great on the debate and I’m voting for him, they’ll just freeze me out and pretend I don’t exist for the foreseeable future.

But if I tell my Republican acquaintances tomorrow that I think Biden did great on the debate and I’m voting for him, the response will be, “ah, interesting! Which policy ideas did you find convincing? Why? Wanna go have lunch and talk about it?”

And it’s not because the latter are better than the former or anything like that. It’s because Democrats believe that their position is morally superior. It’s the issue not of politics but of morality. And nobody wants to compromise on morality.

4 thoughts on “Different Expectations”

  1. It’s like we are in the same world but live in a different reality.

    Don’t think this debate will do anything other than to alarm us even further to the level of division in this county.
    We desperately need a unifying leader to bring people together and calm things down a bit.


    1. Everybody carries the baggage of their past. I grew up in a totalitarian society where everybody agreed. I have a very high tolerance for conflict. But I have zero tolerance for forced conformity.


      1. I find the divisiveness in our society very sad, and ultimately a threat to the integrity of our nation; at this point it feels like we’re living in two Americas. But a “consensus” that we’re all down with the new totalitarianism (and the unfettered global capitalism that accompanies it) is obviously worse. And the reality is that there will always be a good amount of “division” if anyone dares oppose the interests of Big Tech. Trump contributes a great deal of it himself (and I truly hope we can move onto someone not like him eventually), but it will happen even if we get someone with a different temperament.


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