Good News

The administration has had it with us and is telling us we are going to go back to the classroom for at least 70% of courses in the Fall.

I’m extremely happy.

6 thoughts on “Good News”

  1. Excellent news! I meant to comment on an earlier post but it kind of applies here…my freshman daughter is in a “hybrid” class that only meets online. The class did so poorly on the last test that the professor actually said, “That’s it. We will start meeting in person.” At least there’s some acknowledgement that what happens in a classroom can’t be duplicated on Zoom! I told her it was a good thing they did so badly.


  2. I’m back in the classroom after a two-week break (surge in number of COVID cases), and it’s awesome! Sure I have to wash my hair before I go teach LOL, which I definitely don’t have to when I’m just a disembodied voice accompanying the writings on the shared whiteboard, but it’s so much better to teach in person, even with masks.


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