Live-blogging the Debate

The very first question, and it looks like neither candidate has even remotely anticipated being asked about the SCOTUS nomination. Well, at least we know nobody was given the questions in advance.

20:12 – “I am the Democratic party right now,” Biden declares. Erm.

20:13 – Biden decides to roll out Roe 13 minutes into the debate. Trump correctly points out that there are not challenges to Roe in SCOTUS.

20:14 – Trump is bullying Chris Wallace. “I guess I’m debating you, not Biden,” he tells the moderator.

20:18 – both candidates are feisty. This is definitely not boring.

20:20 – Biden is refusing to answer the crucial question about packing the SCOTUS. This is big.

20:22 – Chris Wallace is saying ridiculous stupid lies about COVID. I’m now going to be stuck on this because I’m too angry.

20:23 – Now Biden is saying stupid insane lies about COVID.

If anybody wonders why I’m voting Trump, listen to the segment where Biden talks about COVID. This is why. Every word he says, I hate him for it. The stupid dog-faced lying pony soldier that he is.

20:27 – I now hate Biden even more for rolling out that pathetic line about “how many of you have an empty chair at your table because somebody has died of COVID.” What a vicious little troll.

20:28 – Wallace is asking about “the vaccine” like it’s a serious question. Db piece of refuse.

20:30 – Biden is right, I don’t believe there will be a vaccine for this nasty cold that has us locked up. But who the ef cares?

20:32 – Biden is saying that businesses aren’t reopening because they don’t get enough federal money. What does this even mean? What federal money is forcing Pritzker or Newsom to do this to us?

20:33 – Trump is making fun of Biden’s face diapers. Biden says that if everybody wears a face diaper, “we’ll save 100,000 lives.” This is why I’m not voting for him. THIS. IS. WHY.

20:41 – Biden says there are significant increases in COVID deaths in many states. Which states are those. This is why I’m not voting for him. THIS. IS. WHY.

20:42 – “People want to get back to their lives. They want their schools and restaurants open,” says Trump. This is why I’m voting for him. THIS. IS. WHY.

20:45 – Biden is very alert and in full possession of his faculties. This is good because the lies are so clearly articulated. Of course, most people are so bamboozled by the lies about scaaaaaary COVID that they won’t notice.

20:50 – “My son has done nothing wrong at Burisma,” says Biden.

20:51 – Biden calls Trump a clown. Tomorrow everybody will say that he looked really presidential and dignified.

20:52 – Wallace is clearly voting Biden.

20:54 – Biden is beating the dead horse of Charlottesville again. We’ve had months of riots that are a thousand times worse than anything in Charlottesville. This is why I’m not voting for him. THIS. IS. WHY.

20:55 – now Biden has turned even the issue of race into a discussion of COVID.

21:00 – Biden now called Trump a racist. So dignified.

21:04 – Biden is now turning a discussion of the safety of suburbs into a debate on…. wait for it…. COVID. A broken fucking record.

21:05 – Biden says that “defund the police” means bringing a psychiatrist to a 911 call. If anybody needs a psychiatrist, it’s the person who came up with this idea.

21:09 – Wallace is a terrible moderator. He showed up two moderate 2 sweet 3-graders in pigtails.

20:10 – Biden just said “Antifa is an idea, not an organization.” This is quite terrifying.

21:15 – one thing that is impressive about Trump is that, unlike almost everybody, he doesn’t react to the self-righteous wails about “my son, the waaaar heeeeero!”

7 thoughts on “Live-blogging the Debate”

  1. The winner of this debate so far is the moderator Chris Wallace — unlike some of the very weak moderators back during the primary debates, he’s maintaining firm control of the debate pacing and of the candidates’ allotted speaking time.


    1. For real. Why is there an entire industry devoted to taxes if they aren’t really complicated for some people? Corporations in fact have an obligation to pay as little in taxes as possible!


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