Meek Acceptance

Amidst plummeting mortality and hospitalizations rates (look it up in Google), Montreal declared a “red zone” and established the police state again. The lockdown is so harsh that if you are driving a car with somebody else in it, you have to show proof of address that you are living together. Everything is closed. It’s like back in March but without the mortality of March.

This demonstrates that the lockdowns can go on forever because they aren’t based on any data. For as long as people are meekly accepting it, this will last forever.

9 thoughts on “Meek Acceptance”

  1. Strange… I did not check the official “Montreal rules”, but my university issued a statement yesterday, in response to those rules, telling that we do not need to change anything. Lectures are online anyway, undergrad labs are real, research labs that were open stay open, people who had access to campus will continue having access…


    1. There’s definitely no logic to it. My sister can’t visit her mom on her birthday, people aren’t allowed to see their relatives even in the park but labs are open. It’s designed to mess with your brain.


      1. “My sister can’t visit her mom on her birthday”


        “people aren’t allowed to see their relatives even in the park”

        Have been toying with the idea all public health officials have been required to complete advanced degrees in cruelty and jackassery as a condition of their employment.


  2. “…if you are driving a car and you have a passenger with you you have to show proof that that other person resides with you …”
    …how convenient if you’re driving a friend or loved one to a medical appointment because they have no other means of transportation.


  3. Of course there is logic to it. The purpose is to reduce the number of groupings of human beings in which viral transmission may occur.

    The reason that some groupings are targeted while others are not is because some activities involving groups have been deemed more or less important than others. The goal is to reduce the less important ones.

    Also, yes, I know. It’s mostly arbitrary fictional nonsense. But the logic is according to that specific arbitrary fictional nonsense. This is what happens when everyone elects politicians whose peak performance is to invent arbitrary fictional nonsense.

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    1. Museums and libraries have been shut down again. It is an unfortunate but likely correct assumption that we’ve had no big groupings there..

      Oh! Hot yoga is open though. Go figure. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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