Most people who complain about the culture of snowflakes are total snowflakes.

I went on Twitter, and most comments are about people hyperventilating that the debate is spirited and not a boring, polite snooze.

There’s nothing tragic about debaters disagreeing in strong terms and even – oh, horror! – yelling and interrupting.

Why is everybody such a Victorian lady all of a sudden?

7 thoughts on “Snowflakes”

  1. “There’s nothing tragic about debaters disagreeing in strong terms and even – oh, horror! – yelling and interrupting.”

    Yeah, the debate wasn’t “shocking and alarming, like two children fighting,” as some television commentators are saying — but it also wasn’t very helpful or hurtful to either candidate, or to viewers:

    Trump was the same Trump he’s always been, and while Biden was mostly on the defensive against Trump’s insults, Biden never quite lost his temper or had any damaging senior moments.

    The pundits on Fox who favor Trump are all criticizing Biden’s words, and the CNN/MSNBC pundits are zeroing in on Trump’s statements. The famous “undecided voters” being interviewed are still saying, “Huh?? Didn’t learn anything new, still don’t know who to vote for.”

    So in my opinion, it was a 90-minute mildly entertaining total waste of time.


  2. I don’t mind a spirited and vigorous debate, but this was a disaster. Trump kept interrupting all the time, which meant that Biden often couldn’t finish his point. Trump behaved like the whiny bully that he is, and Biden was simply there–he didn’t make much of an impression and his overall performance was mediocre. For Democrats, this was a sigh of relief–he could actually manage to speak more or less coherently for 1 1/2 hours without a break.

    I think this debate was about 50 times worse than some of the first Democratic primary debates, where everyone was interrupting and talking over one another. The biggest loser in the debate was Chris Wallace, who let things get out of control despite being the moderator. (By the way, I’m not one of those voters who hates Trump because of his tweets and his rudeness; I reluctantly support Biden on policy grounds, as the lesser of two evils.)


    1. “Trump kept interrupting all the time, which meant that Biden often couldn’t finish his point”

      Didn’t (and won’t) watch the debate but this sounds like a very sound strategy. My guess is that he’s hoping that some interruption or other will cause Biden to lose his train of thought and devolve into random old man disassociated babbling…

      If Biden’s brain really is as…. deteriorated as it often seems then even drugged up (if drugged up he be) then he’s not in a strong position and as a person who’s had to judge a lot of spoken presentations…. even a slight interruption can completely throw a badly prepared speaker off balance and reduce them to stuttering confusion.


  3. I think that people are getting upset because the debate was so unstructured that was more irritating than it was entertaining or informative. The moderator added to that imo, because he was practically a participant.


  4. I don’t mind that the debate was spirited, but I also felt it was an annoying, unproductive debate. I did enjoy watching the pathetic moderator get increasingly annoyed at Trump. “Wahhh, he didn’t wait his turn!”


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