The New Serfs

What bugs me is when people ask, “But why are they doing it? Don’t they understand that the lockdowns are destroying the economy??”

Friends. The whole point is to destroy the economy as it currently exists and introduce a new kind of economy. I’ve been talking about it on this blog for a decade. The goal is to take us to a place of extreme inequality where 60% of the population don’t have jobs, don’t get schooling, and don’t receive policing services in the sense we are used to. That’s the whole goal here.

If it weren’t COVID, it would be something else.

We are witnessing a profound transformation in the system of government and in the structure of the economy. The more we agree to play the face burka / lockdowns / COVID cases charade, the closer this future comes. We are allowing irrational fears to rob us of things that are crucial to us.

“Yes, but it’s not hard to wear a mask and if it saves lives…”

Welcome to the new totalitarian world where you’ll be locked inside and impoverished until you become part of a huge lumpen class, serf.

Leading thinkers both on the left and on the right have been warning about this for 25 years. But here we are.

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