Are We That Dumb?

In a new ad (that I saw with my own eyes 3 seconds ago), Biden accuses the 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse of being a white supremacist. Apparently, there haven’t been enough teenagers yet whom Democrats have libelously accused of ridiculous things.

The ad itself ascribes the riotous violence of recent months to “white supremacists” as if we all were complete idiots who are incapable of noticing that the rioters have been exclusively on the Dem side.

Or are we complete idiots? Biden’s strategy is to milk the non-existent white supremacist threat and the almost non-existent COVID threat. Are we going to accept this in lieu of actual policy suggestions? Are we that dumb?

Let’s find out on November 3. Or whenever we’ll be allowed to know the results.

6 thoughts on “Are We That Dumb?”

  1. Yes, we are that dumb.

    Our university has shut down all in-person classes after two weeks for the entire semester due to a spike in positive COVID cases. Public schools are all online as well. Meanwhile, most of the daycares in the area are offering to watch school-aged children for $1,000+ per month, because apparently, that is safe, but being in person in school is not safe.

    DEI committees have been constituted at every department of my institution to do no one knows what, but I guess just their existence is enough to satisfy many people. University is bleeding money (all those people not paying for on-campus housing is not good news) and putting staff on furloughs, but faculty is happily not paying any attention and running searches to hire new faculty with substantial start-up needs. Many feel safe because they have tenure and funding, but none of those things will mean anything at some point next year when the real cuts will have to be implemented. By the way, some of the funding agencies have started to eliminate entire programs and sending notices to people, so the “being funded” part may not look so great in a year’s time either.

    The worst part for me are the difficulties with traveling and forced quarantines in some countries. With aging parents across the ocean that may not be here in a year’s time (or remember who I am due to dementia), not being able to visit in person is the worst. I may just have to bite the bullet at some point and take off for a month with the knowledge that I will have to stay in quarantine for 14 days somewhere.

    And we are doing all of this for what? And please no one tell me about how many lives are being saved by me sitting at home…


    1. It’s so reassuring and helpful to read a comment like this, random reader. Knowing that somebody understands and shares my feelings is very important. It’s as if a massive insanity has possessed people, forcing them to dismantle their lives over a bunch of clearly ridiculous articles they read.


  2. Advertisements that are full of lies are aimed at, and work on, ignorant people who don’t pay much attention to politics. About 3%-5% of the vote can be moved in this way. People like those on this blog generally can’t be moved with this kind of thing. Instead, they roll their eyes, murmur about some kind of outrage etc and don’t change their minds about who to vote for at all.


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