Last week, a BLM organizer accelerated her car into a group of Trump supporters, seriously injuring several and driving over a woman’s head.

No, really.

Now please compare the coverage of these events and the identical ones that took place in Charlottesville several years ago.

Yeah, I know, which coverage?

This is actually one of quite a few cases where BLMers physically attack, accelerate into, or murder Trump supporters. How many of them were mentioned in yesterday’s debate?

The answer is zero.

6 thoughts on “Charlottesville”

  1. “How many of them were mentioned”

    You’re still thinking in terms of individual rights and equity and justice based on the rule of law. The US has degraded way past that…. Political discussion in the US has devolved almost entirely into primitive us-vs-them thinking where anything that helps ‘our’ side is good and anything that hurts ‘our’ side is bad.

    In the novel ‘In desert and wilderness’ (W pustyni i w puszczy) which takes place in Africa by the surely-soon-to-be-cancelled nobel laureate Henryk Sienkiewicz, the young European Staś has a discussion on morality with Kali (young subsaharan African rescued from the Arab slave trade).

    Anyhoo, for Kali morality is all about who’s doing what to who… “Kali steal cow, good. Kali’s cow stolen, bad!” (Kali kraść krowę, dobrze, Kalemu ukraść krowę – źle!)

    Or as Trotsky (abbreviating Lenin) put it кто кого? (Who whom? or as I like to put it ‘Who’s zoomin who?’)


    1. This is really disturbing, though. It takes a long time for societies to evolve away from this primitive tribalism. Why did it suddenly come back?

      Is Sienkiewicz a good writer? Should I read him? I never have.


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