Positive Outcome

I really hope that after last night’s debate the ridiculous idea that Fox News is pro-Trump will finally die. They chose the most anti-Trump guy on the network to moderate. Not only that but he delivered every liberal lie as gospel truth and used questions to editorialize.

The only way to make it more blatant would be to ask, “Mr Trump, as a Russian spy and a genocidal Nazi, what is your opinion on the slaughter of little kitties you are constantly perpetrating?”

2 thoughts on “Positive Outcome”

  1. i take it you were not surprised when he asked the “when did you stop beating Melania” questions?
    That, if nothing else, pushed this into a riotous free for all.
    The Donald wasnt lead, but he didnt call him out, either – and for that, maybe a good thing?


  2. From a certain point of view, Trump simply did what a lot of leftists do after being beaten in a debate – he turned the whole thing into a giant ad hominic argument rather than argue the point. The only difference is that he did it right away, which is something that a crafty person might do if they knew that the contest was being handed to their opponent.


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