Post-Debate Thoughts

Here’s what I want:

  1. An immediate end to all lockdowns.
  2. An immediate reopening of all schools.
  3. An immediate end to all mask mandates. People who are nervous should absolutely self-isolate, home-school and / or wear masks. It’s the mandates, not the actual self-isolation and mask-wearing that I oppose.
  4. A swift and complete repudiation of the BLM and the “defund the police” rhetoric.
  5. No new wars.
  6. Withdrawal of troops.
  7. More peace deals in the Middle East.
  8. Abolishing the carried interest tax loophole.
  9. An immediate end to all ideological indoctrination in any institution that receives federal funding.
  10. A break-up of Facebook.
  11. Mandatory E-verify to end worker exploitation.
  12. Strong legislation that makes it impossible for social media to censor or impose ideology.
  13. An abolition of birth tourism.
  14. The wall.
  15. Ending the habit of messing with Latin America, including in the form of sucking out all of the most productive and entrepreneurial parts of labor through illegal immigration.
  16. An end to the “existential threat” rhetoric.
  17. Retaining the child tax credit from the Trump tax cuts.

Obviously, I won’t get all of this from either candidate. But it’s clear which one at least somewhat goes in that direction and which is going in the opposite one.

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