Temperamental Differences

For people who thought the debate was chaotic, loud and confusing, this is how Ukrainians sound when we talk about the weather. And it’s not because we care about the weather. It’s because anything less intense doesn’t hold our attention.

The reaction I always get when I say this is, “But then how can you and N possibly live together??”

7 thoughts on “Temperamental Differences”

  1. It’s mainly Wallace’s fault! I’ve thought many times tonight: SHUT THE FUCK UP CHRIS!

    Good performance by Biden tonight. His « covid, covid, covid » strategy was great. Trump did not talk enough about wokesterism, critical race theory, SJW, women with penises, and all this PC bullcrap even if this is his biggest asset against Biden. Trump should use this culture war as the main strategy against Biden and he didn’t do that tonight.

    But Wallace was so in a crusade against Trump that he screwed all that up. So Trump seems to have « won » the debate because he was in a 1 against 2 handicap match.

    If I was in charge of the Biden campaign, I would ask that Tucker Carlson will be the moderator next time.


  2. “chaotic, loud and confusing … how Ukrainians sound when we talk about the weather”

    How much of that is specifically Ukrainian and how much is regional…. in Poland getting into loud, protracted and pointless arguments about nothing is one of the national sports and from what I can tell is very common in Hungary too… I’m not so sure about Czechs or Slovaks or Romanians…. But don’t Russians do that?


  3. Ukraine is in the midst of a protracted civil war with no end in sight, the country is literally split in half. One of my earliest recollections of Ukraine as a country many years ago, was a news segment where Ukrainian lawmakers got into a huge fist fight in their government building. This is not civil, this level of discourse damages unity and ultimately can kill a country. We should not normalize this type of behavior from our politicians and we should expect much better from them.


    1. There’s no civil war in Ukraine and hasn’t been for 100 years, actually. We are passionate but extremely peaceful people. Haven’t invaded anybody in God knows how long. While this prim and proper country has been invading left and right.

      It’s a lot healthier to get out your aggression verbally than to repress it until it explodes in violence. Trump is verbally brutal but he has started no new wars, which is exceptional for US presidents.


  4. I felt this way when I moved to Boston… why, WHY does everyone sound so angry all the time? Why are they always yelling?

    After a few years I got used to it. It was a good experience. Without Boston, I’d have no idea at all how to deal with the Russian ladies at church: when they are giving you well-meaning advice on how to cook vegetables, they sound like drill sergeants at boot camp. And this is affectionate. I love them, too 🙂

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    1. I’m definitely too sensitive to live among my own people. 🙂 Whenever there’s a party at my parents’ place, there’s always going to be a complete stranger who’ll come up to me and inform me, in a severe voice, that I need to go on a diet, change my hairstyle, and rethink my general approach to life.


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