Political differences are nothing. Try living with a person with a completely different thermoregulation. That’s seriously hard.

Before we had a kid, N would always go to a conference in his field in February. I’d immediately turn off the heating and open all windows for the duration of the conference. My optimal indoor temperature is 62°F year round. His is 75°F. We meet in the middle but it’s not easy.

Klara is actually closer to my thermoregulation than his. It’s impossible to get her to go outside if it’s anything above 75°F.

I’m writing all this because I’ve been feeling like crap all day and only now realized that my husband sneakily turned off the AC for the first time since April.

3 thoughts on “Thermos”

  1. In my opinion, it is the responsibility of the “needs to be boiling” person to compromise. They can put on a sweater, I can’t take off my skin! Others in my household disagree…


  2. Well, you can come visit me — and choose between my house and my swimming pool, where I keep the room and water temperature in the low 80 degrees, or ride in my Cadillac, where I keep the car temperature FREEZING.

    Somehow I never realized the difference, until I looked into the rear-view mirror at the back seat and saw my German guests shivering to death, too polite to say anything.


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