Elitist Power Grab

A great insight from Alex Berenson:

…the irony is that the #Covid response has turned out to be the ultimate example of the kind of statist/elitist power grab that Trump in 2016 successfully ran against…

And guess what? It’s steamrolled him and he can’t even understand why, much less explain what’s happened…


This is true. The security apparatus was deployed against Trump, the Deep State, the fourth estate (the press), the tech oligarchy. And none of it worked.

But COVID gave the perfect pretext to deploy the medical establishment against him. And that he doesn’t have a way to fight because people are endlessly fussy about their health in a way that they aren’t about phone calls to Ukrainian presidents.

Yesterday Cuomo declared that he never sent COVID patients to nursing homes and quietly erased all information about it. Give it a year, and everybody who still manages to withstand the brainwashing and remembers what actually happened will be dismissed as a crank and a crazy conspiracy theorist.

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