A religious organization tied to Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, sought to erase all mentions and photos of her from its website before she meets with lawmakers and faces questions at her Senate confirmation hearings.

NBC noticed this yet has made no mention that I’ve seen of a much more significant scrubbing by Governor Cuomo of the information about his policy of placing COVID patients in LTRs which killed thousands of people.

10 thoughts on “Priorities”

  1. I’ve recently finished reading a book “The eternal anti-Semite. On the meaning and function of a constant feeling” (1986) by a Jewish-German journalist and author, Henryk M. Broder, and thought to share some of the most interesting parts with you and the readers:


    If, of course, one speculates that the Jews now want to take revenge on Germany through the USA’s “sadistic military policy”, then another psychological speculation would be more appropriate: Whether the German interest in the Middle East conflict, the eagerness to take responsibility for the Palestinians and especially the left-wing party for the PLO is not an expression of an “unconscious, unacknowledged” wish that the final solution to the Jewish question should be undertaken again, so that the second attempt legitimizes the necessity and justification of the first. As long as the Germans have to live with the sign of Cain, of having been the only ones who wanted to solve the Jewish question once and for all, they are suspected of having succumbed to a delusional idea. If anyone else came up with the same idea, they would at least be relieved of the burden of this embarrassing exclusivity.

    SECOND – True and Funny.

    Israeli politicians place great value on the receipt of declarations from other politicians in which “Israel’s right to exist” is mentioned in particular, without realizing that such a “commitment to non-annihilation” (Hans Mayer) carries the opposite idea and the impending danger is only formulated as an antithesis. How would a normal row house owner react if his neighbors reassured him every day that they wanted to let him live?


    There is a paraphrase of history in which the mass extermination of the Jews is denied from the right and the historical roles are exchanged from the left in such a way that the Jews or Zionists take the place of the original fascists or Nazis move in, slowly disappearing from the picture. Ten years from now, the twenty-year-olds will not know who Himmler was, but “Zionist” will be used as a synonym for “Nazi” and “Fascist”.

    FORTH (Loved Pinsker’s quote fitting the situation of today’s European Jews to a T.)

    Israel’s right to exist is not as self-evident as that of Denmark, Italy or Gambia, it is not even tied to the establishment of certain conditions, as is the case with South Africa, it is simply a right of withdrawal. In this respect, too, the hopes of the Zionist theorists have not been fulfilled, the shtetl situation has changed quantitatively, but – despite the state, army and flag – not fundamentally changed qualitatively. The Jews are still of the degree of malice or benevolence dependent on their environment. “To be looted as a Jew or to be protected as a Jew is equally shameful and equally embarrassing for the human feeling of the Jews,” Pinsker wrote over 100 years ago.

    FIFTH (Didn’t know that and was stupidly, naively shocked by German behavior.)

    In the middle of the Yom Kippur War, when Israel was closer to a final solution than ever before and never since then, the German Federal Government closed German ports to American supplies that were urgently needed in Israel. The government of the Federal Republic of Germany saw the US military aid to Israel, which went through German territory, as a violation of its “political neutrality” in the conflict between Israel and its neighbors. Other European countries were similarly “neutral” in that they allowed US transport planes to fly over their countries on the way to Israel, but did not allow stopovers.


  2. However, one of the most eye-opening parts of Henryk M. Broder’s book was his minute-by-minute concise description of one typical UN session leading to yet another anti-Israeli resolution. (If anyone is interested, I can share it too. It’s comedy gold.)

    The squabbles between representatives of various Arab and Muslim countries (f.e. Iran and Iraq) in which they accused each other of being a ‘Zionist’ reminded the author of old European anti-Semites accusing other anti-Semites of being ‘Jewish.’

    In yet another passage, Henryk Broder reveals what UN feminism looks like:

    ” The 1985 World Conference on Women at the end of a Decade of Women proclaimed in 1975 was largely converted into an anti-Zionist tribunal … No opportunity was missed to condemn Zionism and equate it with racism and Nazism in the numerous workshops, seminars and discussions. The Israeli women were prevented from speaking, and when they did manage to have their say, a large number of the participants left the room shouting “Zionists home!” And “Get rid of the Zionist terrorists!”
    In return, every statement from the opposing side was received with sisterly love: whether an Iraqi woman claiming Israel was responsible for the Iran-Iraq war or an Arab woman telling that Palestinian women are force-fed in Israeli prisons and that if they die as a result of the force-feeding, their bodies are frozen until the prison term is over. (The audience particularly liked the story, which is why they asked for more reports of this kind – every time and every society gets the ritual murder legend it needs.)”

    Broder draws attention to the silence of the press on what UN truly looks like:

    “Maybe [the journalists] don’t want to scratch the moral nimbus of the UN. Perhaps they fear, wrongly, of exposing the representatives of the Arab states to general outrage. Perhaps, and this explanation is the most plausible, they do not want to discredit the term “anti-Zionism” by presenting its most potent protagonists as ordinary anti-Semites who make no effort to disguise the nature of their feelings and the origin of their arguments. With the political respectability of anti-Zionism, the fine and artificial differentiation between “Jews” and “Zionists” would be over if “anti-Zionist” statements of the kind that are on the agenda at the UN were made known. It is more practical to just spread the clean resolutions than the opinions that led to them. “


        1. Is there any idea that these “anti-racists” have ever produced that isn’t a hoary old racist cliche? It’s like they got trained by the writers of KKK manifestos.


          1. I saw one yesterday claim that showering is a sign of white supremacy. Obviously, he was very white.

            It’s clear to me that this anti-racist spiel is a cover to say the most egregious, offensive things about black people with impunity.


          2. Family is the smallest unit of subversion. Totalitarianism always depends on people mistrusting each other and being willing to pick the government over a fellow human. It’s a natural step towards greater power to destroy any uncontrolled pockets of trust and camaraderie within society.


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