The Newest Hoax

I went on Twitter and discovered that the most recent hoax is that Trump knew he had COVID but he concealed it and went to the debate to infect Biden.

This is the same Trump that they’ve accused of being a narcissist for years. Usually even paranoid schizophrenics have some sort of inner logic to their delusions. Here there’s no logic. Just insanity.

Poor dumb bastards with their sad Daddy issues.

Saturday Morning

There’s this new European-style cafĂ© in town, which is where I spent the morning hanging out with a friend. Now I remember that having two cortados with an extra shot of espresso is way too intense for me but it’s a bit too late because I’ve already had them. This is what comes from not traveling to Europe for 14 months. You forget these things.

What’s happening in the world in the meantime? I’m too hopped up to understand my Twitter feed.