Saturday Morning

There’s this new European-style café in town, which is where I spent the morning hanging out with a friend. Now I remember that having two cortados with an extra shot of espresso is way too intense for me but it’s a bit too late because I’ve already had them. This is what comes from not traveling to Europe for 14 months. You forget these things.

What’s happening in the world in the meantime? I’m too hopped up to understand my Twitter feed.

6 thoughts on “Saturday Morning”

    1. That’s what I fear. But in Canada, they’ve gone back to that last week anyway so I don’t think we can really avoid lockdowns no matter what. Unfortunately.


  1. The Q people are all in a froth about Trump retiring to hospital for “corona.” They think he’s gone to a secret bunker and initiated the “Red October” and “Ten days of darkness” (whatever that is) and are salivating over the prospect of a mass purge of DC traitors and conspirators.


  2. In other news, FB just purged some 6500 FB groups for being associated with Qanon and militia movement concerns. This apparently included Jo Jorgensen supporters, gun enthusiasts, preppers, Proud Boys, ham radio enthusiasts… I am keeping an ear to the ground to see who else is suddenly popping up on MeWe after accounts were suspended— quite a lot are showing up there and posting screenshots of their suspension notices. Apparently the purge extends to a lot of their personal accounts, not just their FB groups.


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