The Newest Hoax

I went on Twitter and discovered that the most recent hoax is that Trump knew he had COVID but he concealed it and went to the debate to infect Biden.

This is the same Trump that they’ve accused of being a narcissist for years. Usually even paranoid schizophrenics have some sort of inner logic to their delusions. Here there’s no logic. Just insanity.

Poor dumb bastards with their sad Daddy issues.

14 thoughts on “The Newest Hoax”

  1. “most recent hoax ”

    If it appears in the American mass media… I no longer believe any BLM (or more broadly hate-crime) narrative, I no longer believe any new anti-Trump narrative.
    Come to think of it, I no longer believe much of anything in the American mass media… What an embarrassment for a once great journalistic tradition.
    You have to be a born sucker or a party hack to believe the American media now…


    1. It got to the point that absolutely any headline that I read leads me to wonder, “OK, where’s the lie? Who benefits from it?” This isn’t normal but it’s a self-defense mechanism after you’ve been lied to enough times.


  2. How is being a narcissist inconsistent with wanting to infect others/not caring whether you infect others?

    If a narcissist knew he had a given virus, wasn’t showing any symptoms yet, and also knew that his reelection campaign would be harmed by others finding out as he wouldn’t be able to continue attending events in person, I would expect the narcissist to conceal his diagnosis for as long as possible.

    I’m honestly curious about what you find problematic with the logic here.

    I, personally, don’t think he would be trying to infect Biden. He attended an event with Republican donors the day after the debate, and I am certain he cared about their health and them as people just as much as he cares about Biden, or you, or me.


    1. A narcissist who conceals a diagnosis is an oxymoron. :-)))

      A person who “cares” about complete strangers is mentally deficient, so I’m glad the president isn’t.


      1. “A narcissist who conceals a diagnosis is an oxymoron”

        They have no long strategic game, as soon as they find out about…. anything everyone else knows about it. It’s a helpful thing to know about them.

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        1. Cliff, how likely do you think it is that a male narcissist who happens to know he has at least one STD will share that with a potential sex partner? Do you think being a narcissist makes a man in this situation more or less likely to disclose that information?


          1. Narcissists and/or sociopaths have no longterm aims, it’s all about immediate gratification in the form of attention. If they think they can get attention wtih a disease they’ll milk it for all its worth. If they think they can get attention (in this case sex) by concealing it they’ll neglect to mention it.
            In the case of Trump if he were a narcissist (I’m not convinced but for the sake of argument…) which would get him more attention, a solemn announcement or keeping it under cover (keeping in mind the lack of longterm goals)?


            1. Of course I know narcissists of the type you’re talking about! My mother is the first person that comes to mind.

              This doesn’t mean that all narcissists of all types will always immediately disclose a diagnosis in any situation.


      2. You should also be glad about Andrew Cuomo’s excellent mental health as demonstrated by sending COVID patients back to nursing homes.


  3. There is logic to it, at least for some of them. The method of deranged and degraded politicians lately has become to simply malevolently attack opposition politicians as often as possible and loudly as possible, so as to build a false impression about that politician in the eyes of the voter, and then, once the election has been won, to use the power of law to make it practically impossible for anyone else to ever win an election.

    At the same time, the deranged and degraded politician is to make emotional, sweeping statements or promises that cannot be kept, and to never ever talk about the details of them. If anyone should ever corner the politician so as to force them to explain, the object becomes to make an enormous mess of the conversation, engage in ad hominem, obfuscation etc so as to never give an answer and simply leave voters feeling confused but not angry – because confused voters will still vote for you while angry ones wont.

    When you crunch the numbers, what you see is that there are more ignorant, angry and stupid people who are deceived by these tactics than there are rational, logical voters who think for themselves, which is why it is so effective.

    Anyway this kind of thing has been going on for centuries, but seems to be getting badly out of control in the present time. Personally I think that it is because of information technology esp social media.


  4. I have heard 2 theories.

    He is not that sick but couldn’t stand quarantining in WH, the isolation, so went to hospital where the environment would be more social. Those who believe this AND are judgmental about it point out that he is more likely to spread it in hospital than if he quarantined seriously at home. I’m not sure since there are a lot of people in the WH too, I would imagine, but then what do I know.
    My theory: he is sicker than they are admitting, which is why he is in the hospital (besides the fact that they are always more careful with presidents). My bet is that he recovers fairly soon, though, and no, I do not think this whole thing is being faked.

    Knew he had it but went to debate anyway to infect Biden? Hmm … well it is something that would happen in a daytime tv show. However, I don’t think it would have been allowed.


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